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Jessica Lorimer, Selling to Corporate ®

People buy from people…

If you’re a coach, consultant or service based entrepreneur, you’ll already know the struggles that can come from running a business. And whilst running accounting figures, dealing with HR communications and creating organisational structures aren’t quick or simple… We believe that your B2B sales process should be.

At Selling to Corporate ® we believe that relationships are everything. We prioritise teaching entrepreneurs how to build, maintain and leverage working relationships with corporate clients and we abide by the same principles when it comes to our clients too!


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Meet the team


The Selling to Corporate ® founder Jess left her corporate sales career in 2014 after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. No longer cut out for 70+ hour work weeks and boozy client brunches, she swapped her stilettos for leggings (way before a certain world event made them cool!) and started dolling out sales advice to strangers on the internet.

A global top performer in her corporate career, Jess knew that entrepreneurs needed to know how to make sales simpler and quicker so that they could genuinely build businesses that benefited them; instead of creating new jobs that they hated. Her proven sales strategies and techniques have been taught around the globe to both professional salespeople and small business owners – and Jess has been personally responsible for training over 20,000 individuals and transforming their attitudes towards B2B sales, conversations and metrics management! Jess is responsible for training, development, speaking and the Selling to Corporate ® podcast.

Personally, Jess is a recovering perfectionist, accidental marathon runner (#London2021), unintentional comedienne and the (semi) proud owner of a rather savage chihuahua.


The Chief Barketing Officer at Selling to Corporate ®. Max provides entertainment in the form of comedy snorts and snores during podcast episodes, makes the odd guest appearance during live training sessions and has even been known to sport the Selling to Corporate ® logo on occasion. He’s the only member of the team who tries to break into the office at weekends – and is putting his pay cheques towards key investments into the sausage and dog treat markets.


Sarah is the Head of Customer Care and looks after our clients around the world. Sarah is a fan of The Stranglers, has a passion for motorbikes and spreadsheets and has worked as part of the Selling to Corporate ® team for over four years.


Scott looks after all things audio. With his main role being the Selling to Corporate ® podcast producer, Scott spends most of his time with Jess’ voice in his ears, editing out the inevitable Max snorts (as best he can!) from the episodes. Scott is a fan of good quality audio, loves podcasts and has been part of the Selling to Corporate ® team for over five years.

We also have a number of flexible staff who work across a variety of business functions around the world. We prioritise inclusive hiring and equal pay.

Our values

Emphasize what’s important about Selling to Corporate ®

All businesses have key values – and we’re privileged that our clients regularly share our aims and values!

Making sales simple

Great sales people often excel in their role but struggle to train others due to their natural talent.


Our focus is on helping clients establish effective sales processes, increase market share, and boost profitability.

Honesty and Integrity

Selling to Corporate has developed training programs that distill the key processes and principles of successful sales people.

Focus on numbers

Our focus is on helping clients establish effective sales processes, increase market share, and boost profitability.