Aug 21, 2019

STC003 Solution focused selling when selling to corporate


Dismiss the traditional ‘hard’ sales approach and give your clients a more credible solution to their problems. It’s important to gain your client’s trust and invest in building relationships with them, find out the right information about them and their needs and you will be able to convert those relationships into sales.


In This Episode:

  • Use client information to create the correct solution
  • Convert relationships into long term sales
  • Help educate your clients
  • Selling to the right people
  • How to close a sale effectively


“ They’re not focused on giving you a solution to your problem, they’re focused on commission and that doesn’t necessarily work that well for the customer “


“ it’s really important that you stay abreast of current issues and know how that’s going to affect your clients ”


“ It’s so effective because every single stage of the sales process, the prospective customer feels heard and valued, they feel like the salesperson is actually interested in them, and what they need “


“ We are becoming the credible partner, we’re becoming the person that they can bounce ideas off, the objective perspective“ 


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