Jan 8, 2020

STC008 Create your best business model for 2020 when selling to corporate


Welcome to the first Corporate podcast of 2020!


In this episode I’m talking about different types of business models, what kind will suit you, what you need to consider when choosing one and how profitable they will be for you without you having to work every single hour of the day.


So to make the very best decision on business models we are discussing:

  • Master one area and diversify over time in order to make your business work
  • Licensing software and subscriptions: software/ lead     generation services
  • Warby-Parker model (being the middleman) – usually something that consultants do when recommending a consultancy firm/ outsourced solution
  • Work out how you like to work, don’t recreate the 9-5 hours, find out when you are more productive and work around those hours
  • Bespoke services





“ Bespoke services to me is about people who are entrepreneurs and solopreneurs selling services that are designed to help the client get the best result they can with the time and budget that they have.“

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