Feb 19, 2020

STC011 Offer types that give the best client experience – and add profit


Thinking of selling to corporate or adding a corporate revenue stream to your business but you’re not sure about going back to corporate and you definitely don’t want to be treated like a full-time employee or contractor? Or worse end up feeling like a sell-out?


Then listen to this episode of the Selling to Corporate podcast where I bust some very commonly held myths about selling to corporate including the one about the ‘laptop lifestyle’. And why if you do sell to corporate you’re much more likely to be creating the lifestyle-focused business that you crave and thought you’d have when you set up your online business.


I share three of the most common offers sold to corporates from my client base, and how to actually create offers that don’t cost you tons of time and money. I will tell you exactly how to make it work for you and what you need to consider when putting your offer together.


Plus how you can be far more profitable selling to corporate than any of the people that are successful in the online space AND have a better work-life balance with time off at the weekends.


I also explain why you must do your business development first before making an offer and why you have to sell corporates what they want (and not what YOU think they want).


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Podcast shownotes


About this podcast ([4:34])

Common myths about working for corporates and how to make it work for you ([6:23])

Why a corporate revenue stream will give you the lifestyle business you want ([11:41])

What you need to take into account before creating an offer to a corporate ([15:09])

How to consider your needs and priorities before creating an offer ([18:30])

Why you shouldn’t work for clients that you get a bad feeling about ([20:21])

Offer type 1 selling corporates topic based ‘lunch and learn’ workshops ([23:16])

Offer type 2 benefits of keynote speaking at a corporate event  ([26:54])

Why you shouldn’t just wing it as a keynote speaker if you’ve never done it ([31:06])

Offer type 3 How to sell online licensed training  to a corporate ([31:44])

Why you should get advice before selling online licensed training ([36:20])

How to deliver the three types of offer in person or virtually ([38:01])

Why a corporate won’t buy what you’re offering if it doesn’t solve their problem ([40:03])



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