Mar 18, 2020

STC013 What to do when you get ghosted by corporate stakeholders


Have you ever been ghosted by an organisation you’ve been speaking to? You’ve had some great conversations. You created your proposal and sent it off and then – nothing, nada.

You’ve followed up a few times and heard nothing and you don’t know if you’re flogging a dead horse or maybe they went with someone else?  

If that sounds familiar and you want to know how to figure out what to do next (and why you might have been ghosted) then take a listen to this Selling to Corporate podcast episode where I explain exactly how to handle being ghosted by a corporate organisation and the steps you need to take.

Listen and find out how to follow up with a corporate organisation when you haven’t heard back from them. Discover what the right approach (and the wrong approach) look like.

I share my insights as to what might have actually happened and I give you techniques for reengaging with a corporate without being pushy or annoying. 

Plus I explain how to move forward positively and NOT take it personally.

As ever I love getting your feedback so If you enjoyed the episode don’t forget to leave a review and I’ll give you a shout out.


Podcast show notes

About this podcast episode ([04:53])

Why ghosting can happen in the the corporate space ([6:44])

How to follow up the right way if you think you’ve been ghosted ([7:32])

Reasons that ghosting can happen with corporates ([11:57])

How to follow up and regenerate a relationship if you’ve been ghosted ([13:54])

Why it’s vital to get your client reengagement strategy right (and what not to do) ([15:22])

Positive ways to follow up and reengage with corporates ([18:08])

How to stay in touch with a corporate by using broadcast content ([20:11])

Why you need to stay positive and resilient ([22:15])

What to focus on when you think you’ve been ghosted ([24:15])



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