Apr 1, 2020

STC014 How to stop coronavirus killing your corporate revenue stream


Are you in panic mode? Wondering how to stop Coronavirus from killing your income stream?

In this podcast episode I give you clear no nonsense strategies for navigating your business through the current global pandemic and how to get out of panic mode and back into action mode.

If you already sell to corporate organisations I share my insights how to stop Coronavirus from killing your corporate revenue stream and if you aren’t selling to corporate yet – why now is the BEST time to start.

I explain the reasons why there has never been a better time to sell to corporate organisations and how you can use this time to generate opportunities – and why you need to stay away from social media news feeds.

I share my strategies on how to get creative with what you offer corporate organisations. And why you need to focus your business development on what your business needs to thrive – and why it’s different for everyone. Plus why you mustn’t just rush out and massively pivot your business (just because everyone else is) and why you should focus on your existing customers.

I explain why in the current market it’s going to be much easier and quicker for you to make a profit selling B2B rather than B2C. And why you must handle objections as you would normally and why you need to forget worrying about being told ‘no’.

I tell you why you MUST get a plan and take action to invest in your business now. So that your business is as solid as possible for when things rebound (and they will) so that you don’t miss out.

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Podcast shownotes

Why it’s hard to make strategic decisions when you’re in fear mode ([5:20])

Why I’ve stayed away from social media news feeds during Coronavirus ([7:21])

What the UK government is doing to support business during Coronavirus ([08:59])

Why this is a great time to be selling to corporate  organisations ([18:40])

Why organisations will now be prioritising and planning ahead ([23:16])

Why there’s a disparity between selling B2B and B2C in the current market ([24:27])

Why it’s going to be harder selling B2C at the moment rather than B2B ([27:24])

Where you need to focus your time, effort and energy at the moment ([29:04])

Why you need to focus on existing customers and look after them ([29:53])

Why you need to think creatively to help corporate organisations ([32:15])

Why you must focus on your business development for Q3 and Q4 ([34:44])

Why there are more opportunities for you during Coronavirus ([37:12])

Why no means the same as it did before Coronavirus and you shouldn’t panic ([39:23])

Why you need to get a plan together for you and your business priorities ([40:11])

Why you need to think about what you need to invest in your business ([44:15])

Why you should take action now to invest in your business so you don’t miss out ([45:47])


Free Webinar Three Simple Steps to Adding a Profitable, Corporate Revenue Stream in less than FOUR hours per month



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