Apr 15, 2020

STC015 Why ‘always be closing’ is the wrong advice for your B2B sales strategy


Wondering if you should always be closing? A classic sales quote that’s been used for years in some great films is ‘always be closing’. But while films like the ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ are absolute cinematic film classics – the sales advice in them is probably wrong for YOUR business!


So take a listen to this podcast episode I share my three top pieces of advice and practical tips that you can use to sell to corporates organisations that are more beneficial than ‘always be closing’ and why you should be using them.


I explain why you should always be human and you must remember that people do business with people and why this will help you build better more meaningful relationships than closing ‘at all costs’.


Discover why terms and conditions aren’t just a nice-to-have but why they are essential for your business, your sanity and how they will help you manage clients expectations and stop boundary creep.


Find out why you have to ditch the excuses and get out of the mindset that  everyone else has better leads and a golden goose. And why you need to think about your proactive business development.


Plus why you should always be selling and thinking about what you are doing every single day in your business that will position you to sell your products and services. 


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Podcast show notes


Podcast reviews and shout outs ([1:29])

About this podcast episode and how it relates to classic sales films ([5:05])

About that phrase ’Coffee’s for Closers’ and ‘always be closing’ ([8:13])

Why I realised that ‘always be closing’ is the wrong advice to sales people ([9:23])

About this podcast episode and the advice I will be giving ([10:59])

Why you must be human and remember that people buy from people ([11:19])

Why you must always have terms & conditions to protect yourself and your client ([19:32])

Why having terms and conditions will help manage client expectations ([24:26])

Why you have to ditch the excuses and just get on with sales ([27:29])

Why you need to make time to sell every day ([32:47])

How you can track your sales activities that you do ([35:06]

Questions to ask yourself about your proactive business development ([36:20])

What your primary role in your business is (and it’s not just CEO) ([36:54]

Why you always need to be selling in your business every single day ([37:29])



Coffee’s for Closers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkjfZctGMq8 


About the film Glengarry Glen Ross https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glengarry_Glen_Ross_(film)


About the film The Wolf of Wall Street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_(2013_film)


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