Apr 29, 2020

STC016 What do you really need to successfully sell to corporates?


So what do you REALLY need to sell to corporates? If you think you need a website or a killer corporate CV to sell to corporates then take a listen to this podcast episode. I share my expertise about what you do and don’t need to successfully sell to corporates. Some of the answers might surprise you.

Find out why you don’t need a fancy pants website or to have worked for a corporate in the past to sell to one now and why passion and specialism is MORE important than your past CV.

I explain what you DO need to sell to corporates and what you DON’T and why you don’t need to be on every single social media platform going.

Plus the key things that you need to get right down to how you show up online. I give my insight into how you can demonstrate your expertise without being a boring know-it-all. And why you have to walk the talk.

I share my tips on how to get LinkedIn to work for you and why you might not be getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile especially if you haven’t got your audience right and how to fix it.

Plus the ONE thing that you MUST be able to do if you are going to successfully sell to corporate organisations – and why it isn’t all about saying yes!

Hit that link and take a listen. If you enjoyed the episode don’t forget to leave a review and I’ll give you a shout out.

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Podcast shownotes

Why you shouldn’t worry about selling in the current climate ([1:30])

Why you don’t need a website if you’re selling to corporates  ([6:11])

Benefits of using LinkedIn over a website to sell to corporates ([9:03])

Reasons you might want a website to sell to corporate ([13:15])

Why you need to decide on the purpose of having a website ([14:30])

Why you need to be careful about being a ‘know it all expert’ ([16:27])

Why you should demonstrate that you are a team player ([19:02])

Why LinkedIn is a great platform for demonstrating your expertise and how to use it ([20:39])

Why you must think about how you show up online ([21:46])

How to get engagement on LinkedIn and make your profile work for you ([24:12])

Why you need to curate your LinkedIn feed so you get more engagement ([26:43])

Why you don’t need to be on every social media platform to sell to corporates ([27:10])

Why you don’t need to have worked for a corporate to sell to one ([29:06])

How to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and why you must ([30:42])

Why drive and motivation are so important if you are selling to corporates ([34:44])

Why you need a solid business development for your business ([39:28])

Why you have to be able to deliver and why you mustn’t just say yes ([41:46])




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