May 13, 2020

STC017 Three simple ways to sell more effectively to corporate companies


Think there’s just one way to sell to corporate organisations? Think again. 

Listen to this podcast episode and discover why there’s more than one way to successfully sell to corporates and where you could be going wrong with your Business Development calls when you’re selling. 

I share three simple ways to sell more effectively to corporate organisations.

I explain how to ask permission to sell before you start your sales conversations and I give examples of how to do this effectively and how you could come across as an arrogant know it all without meaning to.

Find out what you must never tell a corporate and how you can find their pain points and establish yourself as an expert at the same time.

And why transparency is key when it comes to talking about next steps. Plus how to make a corporate want to work with you and how you can get an edge over your competition.

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Podcast Shownotes

About the C Suite and how you can join ([01:25])

About this podcast episode ([03:50])

Why there are many different ways to sell to corporates ([04:21])

Why a good business development calls will give you the edge over your competition ([05:29])

Why you need to ask permission before you start a conversation (and how to do it) ([07:40])

Why you need to ask the right questions (to be seen as an expert) ([11:07])

How to share your expertise without being arrogant ([11:59])

How to make a corporate organisation want to work with you ([14:01])

Why you need to avoid making sweeping statements in broadcast content ([15:34])

Why you must avoid telling a corporate they have a problem ([16:25])

Questions that you need to ask a corporate to find out what their problem is ([18:17])

Why you mustn’t be dismissive of what a corporate is doing ([21:20])

How to acknowledge what corporates are doing without being negative ([23:05])

Why you need to educate about the impact of the problem ([24:07])

Why you have to get used to having the sales conversation ([24:30])

Why transparency is really important ([26:09]

How to follow up about next steps at the end of a conversation ([27:32])




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