May 27, 2020

STC018 How to price your services like a pro when working with corporations


Ever struggled to price your services? Especially when you are selling to corporate organisations?  Worried that you’ve quoted too much or even worse too little? Love to know how to nail your pricing?

If you’ve ever got stuck or dreaded THAT Business Development conversation with a stakeholder where you have to talk moolah then this is a must-listen episode of the Selling to Corporate podcast.

I’m sharing gold in this episode I tell you how you can price your services like a pro. I explain how to approach the prep work and why your pricing and solutions MUST come after your Business Development calls.

I share the exact process you need to go through and key considerations you must make when you’re pricing your services. 

Find out when it’s appropriate to discount and what you need to consider when you’re justifying the price that you’re proposing. And why the transformation that you are offering a corporate organisation is key. 

I explain how to have a conversation about budget and what to say when they won’t give you a figure. I explain how you can read between the lines and how to follow up if you don’t get the answer you were looking for. And why you must be transparent and have that conversation about budget rather than sweeping it under the carpet.

Plus why your pricing SHOULD make you feel uncomfortable.

If you’d like to have my eyes on your packages, proposals and help to create emails and find out how to hold Business Development calls that convert – then join The C Suite now.


Podcast show notes

About this podcast episode ([2:05])

Benefits of joining the C Suite ([3:36])

Why you need to have your BD conversations before pricing your solution ([4:21])

Why you shouldn’t price before mapping out your market ([5:55])

Why you need to have several BD calls before you know what to offer ([6:15])

Why you need to understand the problem before you offer a solution ([7:08])

Why you need to know where you sit in the market ([08:45])

Why you must have a transparent conversation about the budget ([09:53])

How to talk about budgets and what to say if the stakeholder is a bit vague ([11:02])

Why you should never undercharge/discount on a first-time basis ([13:26])

Why it’s normal to worry about under or overcharging ([16:33])

Why you have to be confident when pricing your services ([17:15])

Why you mustn’t forget the transformation that you’re offering when pricing ([17:53])

Key considerations to make about your transformation before you price ([19:14])

Why corporates will take action and see results ([19:50])

Why your pricing should scare you a bit ([21:19])



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