Jun 10, 2020

STC019 Why now is the right time to run virtual trainings for corporate companies


Want to sell a virtual learning course to corporate organisations? Listen to this episode and discover why now is the perfect time to be selling virtual learning to corporate organisations and what you need to do to make sure corporate organisations want to buy from you.


Find out how Coronavirus has made shifts in the corporate world and what it means for any training that you are providing and why it’s not just just CPD and traditional training that firms are looking for now. 


I share tips to creating good virtual training and what you need to think about when you are creating your training. 


Plus why one size doesn’t fit all and what you must make sure you do before you come up with a solution for a corporate organisation. And why being realistic about what can be achieved in your training sessions is key to managing expectations and upselling.


I’m opening two places on my C Suite programme for June – if you’d like to know more then please get in touch.


Podcast shownotes

About the diversity in my business and the C Suite programme ([1:25])

How Coronavirus has made shifts in the corporate world ([5:39])

About the C Suite and what it can do for you moving forwards ([8:01])

How virtual training has evolved over the last few years ([10:10])

Why this is a great time to be selling virtual learning to corporates ([13:54])

Why you need to focus on the outcomes and transformations ([17:13])

What you need to think about when planning your virtual training offering ([18:15])

Why you need to demonstrate that you understand the challenges that people face ([21:01])

Why you need to consider pain points and transformations when planning virtual learning ([22:50])

Why it’s easier to sell your learning if you understand the transformation ([25:00])

Why it’s important to still have business development conversations ([28:24])

Why you need to be open to co-construct solutions with corporations ([30:21])

Why it’s easier to upsell once you’re onboard ([32:40])

Why you mustn’t over promise with your training and it has to be achievable ([34:07])

Why you need to be able to measure the success of your training ([36:37])




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