Aug 5, 2020

STC023 Qualified? The Top 3 Things You Need to Be Qualified to Sell to Corporates


Have you ever wondered if you’re qualified (enough) to sell your services to corporate organisations?

Perhaps you worry that big organisations won’t buy from ‘little old you’ because you’re not a limited company/ don’t have thousands of credentials/ haven’t worked with corporate companies before/ don’t ever want to stop wearing your jeans or ‘suit up’ to work with large companies? 

Today’s episode is for anyone who’s wondered whether they are really ‘good’ or ‘qualified’ enough to sell their services into corporate organisations – and by the end of it, you’ll have;

The top three criteria that you need to assess yourself with – and how you can use the criteria to understand whether or not, you’re able to sell your services to corporate organisations.

The ability to self assess and define whether or not, now is the right time for you to sell your services into corporate organisations.

And the confidence to move forward with selling your services into organisations consistently and competently.

In this episode, I’m also discussing;

  • Experience – and whether or not, it’s the same as expertise. (Spoiler: gained experience can be even more valuable!) How you can use it in order to generate a steady stream of corporate clients and whether or not, experience needs to have been gained in a corporate environment for them to take you and your services seriously. ([10:24])
  • Whether qualifications are the be all and end all… and whether or not you need to overcompensate for NOT having them – or show them off when you do! ([12:35])
  • How professional accreditations can help and hinder your corporate sales experience (and what you really need to do to make yourself stand out to stakeholders.)
  • Regulated industries and how they differ when it comes to qualifications. Whether or not, there’s anything that you’ll need to change/ reassess about your sales process if you’re trying to sell to a regulated industry. ([16:27])
  • The real ways that we demonstrate expertise; why showing is more powerful than telling (and how to do both successfully!) ([19:08])
  • Competence and having the confidence to demonstrate it; the ways in which you can do it and ensure that a stakeholder feels comfortable with the sales process and reassured of your expertise. ([25:43])

Each of these areas is critical for giving you the self confidence and competence to assess your corporate qualifications (and how you can successfully navigate any questions around your areas of expertise!)

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