Aug 21, 2020

STC024 How to get started: Immediately start selling to corporates


Have you been considering selling your services to corporate organisations for a while – but have no idea how to get started?

Perhaps you’ve been a regular listener and so understand the elements of business development… but you’re not sure on the foundational steps of navigating the corporate / B2B sales landscape and you want to understand all of the steps it takes to make corporate sales before you dive in?

In today’s episode of the Selling to Corporate podcast, I’m answering the question that I get emailed most often; how do I get started selling my services to corporate companies?

This episode is for anyone who is;

  • Thinking about selling their services to corporate organisations but isn’t sure where to start and wants to know the foundational structures that have to be in place in order to successfully sell to corporates.
  • Currently selling to corporates and not seeing the results that they want right now; those who are open to troubleshooting their processes so that they can sell more easily and successfully to companies.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing;

  • The exact process that I’ve designed and used with thousands of clients to generate B2B sales over the last 13 years. ([05:03])
  • The foundational structures and processes that you’ll want to have in place so that B2B sales becomes easy and natural for you. ([09:54])
  • How you can build your corporate sales roadmap (and why you need one to make sure that you get the best results in the quickest and most efficient way possible!) ([11:02])
  • Whether messaging really matters – and the pieces that you need to have figured out before you start your business development. ([13:02])
  • The reasons that your foundational process is key to your success (and why you’ll screw up all your hard work if you don’t put something in place!) ([18:56])
  • Defining your specialism; why you need to do it, how it’s powerful and why it’ll help you sign more clients. ([20:30])
  • The real sales process involved with B2B sales (and how it’s about simplicity and consistency vs fancy funnels and crazy marketing!) ([24:05])
  • How to know which stage of the process is going to be most effective for you; troubleshooting your existing offerings and making sure that you have the right tools in place to sell effectively and immediately. ([34:23])
  • The number one thing that you must do if you want to see fast results when selling your services to corporate clients. ([38:36])

A slightly longer episode – but a great one for those people who’re looking to really create the most efficient, effective sales process and sell their services to organisations with ease.

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