Sep 4, 2020

STC025 Why is it important to categorise your corporate leads?


Have you ever wanted to generate fast revenue from corporate organisations? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to sell your services to corporate companies for a while but you’re not able to make the leap because you’re concerned that you’d need to generate immediate revenue (and you’re not able to guarantee that will happen)? In today’s episode, I’m changing the way that we think about corporate revenue generation and explaining how you can generate immediate revenue / create corporate cash injections and how it’s possible for you to start taking action straightaway!

We’re focusing on the importance of categorising your corporate leads – and how it relates to immediate revenue generation so that you can create immediate revenue and get your final quarter revenue predictions created!

This episode is for anyone who;

  • Has wondered how to find corporate decision makers and categorise them to generate immediate revenue
  • Wants to understand the difference between the leads/ prospects they have (and how to convert them into sales in the quickest and easiest way)
  • Want to hear the myth busting reasons that creating corporate cash injections is not only possible – but how people inside The C Suite are doing it regularly.
  • Is interested in understanding the simplest and easiest ways to generate quick revenue from corporate organisations.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing;

  • Awesome podcast reviews from two Selling to Corporate podcast listeners (and if you’re enjoying the podcast and haven’t left your review yet? Please take five minutes to!) ([0:42])
  • The common myths around creating corporate cash injections and whether or not they really exist ([04:18])
  • How the recession will impact your revenue streams and why you need to be implementing a corporate cash injection strategy right now. ([05:18])
  • The common myths and misconceptions about generating fast revenue from corporate organisations – and the common elements people prioritise before sales. ([05:24])
  • How many sales processes you’ll really have in play when you’re selling your services to corporate companies – and why short term sales is not a lifetime strategy. ([06:30])
  • What creating corporate sales really looks like; how sales are made and the exact formula and psychology for generating revenue. ([08:02])
  • Why categorising your corporate leads is the one thing that will immediately move the sales needle in your business. ([10:31])
  • The different lead/ prospect types involved in your corporate sales process – and how they matter! ([11:42])
  • How being the specialist is going to help you categorise and create revenue! ([14:49])
  • The most overlooked (but important!) reason that corporates will keep buying from you after an entry point offer ([18:27])
  • How many strategic points of contact you need to assess the offer that is going to help you sell more services ([20:58])

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