Oct 16, 2020

STC029 Should you lower your prices in a recession for corporates?


Have you been thinking about lowering your prices due to the recession? Perhaps you’re hearing from stakeholders that there isn’t any budget? So you’re thinking about discounting your rates and service charges in the hope that it’ll help you to win more business?

As we navigate the current recessive period, the common objections that are being faced by external suppliers are going to continue to revolve around price – and how companies can get even better deals for their organisations.

But is it really necessary to discount simply because it’s a recession? Or are there other (more important) factors to consider? 

In this episode, I’m going to be diving into what the recession really means for your pricing so that you can make key decisions about your profit margins and prices as we head through Q4 and into 2021.

I’ll be sharing:

  • The objections you might be coming up against in your business development calls – and whether you really need to worry about them ([10:33])
  • Why pricing is an awkward topic to discuss (and how money conversations can cause problems for us and our stakeholders) ([11:26])
  • The simple reason that stakeholders assume that recessions mean they’ll get a ‘better deal’ from external suppliers, contractors and consultants. ([13:38])
  • Core objection handling techniques to help you manage pricing and budget objections from key stakeholders and decision makers. ([15:19])
  • The number one sales strategy that will help you get more proposals over the line and close more corporate deals. ([22:16])
  • Simple events that can impact/ support changes to your pricing structure and strategies for corporate deals. ([24:56])
  • Whether or not discounting should ever be part of your strategy (and how to formulate it so that you’re not diminishing the value of what you have to offer!) ([27:27])
  • When it’s okay (and preferable!) to say no to stakeholders who want pricing changes or discounts ([28:54])
  • How you can emulate the successes of our premium priced, C Suite sellers! ([32:22])

I also shared insights and trends about the upcoming quarter and how you can navigate the current landscape in the best way for your business.

Podcast Reviews:

Huge thanks also goes to Jen Hall of http://www.marketleaderleague.com  and Adele Stickland from http://www.get-gorgeous.com  for their fab five star podcast reviews! It’s hugely appreciated and makes it easier to spread the word about Selling to Corporate and what it really takes to get the corporate sales lifecycle started.

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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