Dec 11, 2020

STC033 How to know if your stakeholder is a real decision maker


Do you ever end up on business development calls with stakeholders feeling excited to talk about possible solutions for their organisation (and sales!) only to discover that, rather than being a decision maker, they’re actually not the most useful person for you to talk to? Business development calls can be tough enough without having to spend a lot of your time trying to qualify that the person you’re talking to is a real decision maker.

That’s why in this week’s episode, I’m diving in to share the quickest and easiest ways to identify if the stakeholder that you’re approaching really is a decision maker – and how to make sure that you’re using all of your sales time productively.

In this episode, I’m sharing;

  • Why it’s so important to be spending your business development and sales time talking to decision makers vs employees. ([02:00])
  • Why it can be difficult to spot the differences between an employee and a decision maker in the current market. ([05:03])
  • The core differences between an employee and a decision maker – and why one is more helpful than the other on business development calls. ([06:03])
  • A simple identification strategy that you can use to immediately tell whether you’re prospecting an employee, rather than a decision maker. ([06:03])
  • How to use the first decision maker identification strategy – and which platforms will best support that. ([06:47])
  • Why you’ll still need to qualify their suitability on a sales call. ([07:05])
  • When a decision maker isn’t really a decision maker… and what you can do to leverage that instead. ([07:39])
  • How roles and remits give core indicators that our prospect is a viable decision maker. ([09:24])
  • How to develop situational fluency (and the questions to ask!) when you want to pre-qualify a decision maker. ([10:02])
  • How we can identify decision makers by their focus on commercial viability. ([11:06])
  • Core elements to remember when you’re navigating the sales process and have access to the correct decision maker. ([12:32])
  • How the sign off process can impact your sales pipeline. ([12:45])

And if you’ve listened to this episode and now need support to find the right stakeholder to discuss your solutions with, make sure you go back to our Selling to Corporate 22nd July 2020 episode on; How to find the right decision maker.

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