Feb 19, 2021

STC038 How to grow your consulting business during a recession


2020 put a real strain on businesses – and for many small business owners, it felt like a year where growing their business wasn’t an option. But as we head into a financially turbulent time where we’ll see rapid change, growth and recession, is it really the right time to put your business on hold? Or is it a great time to generate more sales, gain more market share and use this time as an opportunity to grow your business beyond your previous goals?


Throughout this episode, I’m using examples from my corporate background, client case studies and lessons from the corporate world to show you the core framework that can sustain and grow your consulting business during recessive / economically challenging periods.


In this episode, I’m sharing:


  • Our exciting, free live masterclass on Wednesday 24th February at 1pm UK (http://bit.ly/4hourmasterclass ← sign up here.) ([02:04])
  • Come and connect with me on LinkedIn for my new sales series (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesslorimer/) ([04:59])
  • What is a consulting business – the definition we’re using for today’s episode ([07:24])
  • Types of commonly seen consulting businesses in the current market ([08:40])
  • The core ways that a recession/ economic downturn impact upon businesses (and what that means for external consultants) ([10:05])
  • How smaller businesses tend to be impacted differently by recessions and what you need to consider ([12:32])
  • How you can decide to be a disruptive or growing business during an economic downturn – and the core lessons you could learn from IBM and Uber ([15:48])
  • The unexpected benefits of being an external supplier for corporate companies during a recession. ([17:28])
  • How losing permanent resources can increase the need for external suppliers within corporate organisations. ([18:30])
  • The two different areas / specialists that organisations look for during economic downturns. ([18:58])
  • Why historic areas of popular external supply are irrelevant now (and why you should stop worrying about them!) ([20:47])
  • How recessions give consultants the ability to grow their businesses and market share. ([21:43])
  • The three step strategy you need to be using in order to see your business survive, thrive and generate more corporate clients during recessions/ economic downturns. ([25:03])
  • Why investing aimlessly isn’t enough – and what you really need to focus on in order to see your B2B sales soar. ([27:57])
  • How sales strategies have changed dramatically in the last twelve months – and why operating ‘as normal’ isn’t working in the current environment. ([28:48])
  • Why implementation will be the not-so-secret success secret for anyone looking to grow their consulting business in 2021. ([31:08])
  • Case study and real life examples from our C Suite participants and how they’ve used the programme to generate both immediate and long term revenue opportunities that have saved and scaled their businesses rapidly. ([33:03])


So if you’re ready to start adopting a new sales process in your consulting business so that you can grow and scale during any financial crisis, make sure you get yourself signed up to my free, live masterclass on Wednesday 24th February at 1pm UK (Replay available for 24 hours only.) http://bit.ly/4hourmasterclass 


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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