Mar 5, 2021

STC039 The journey to £100k months from selling to corporates with Kay Fabella


We’ve got a lot of success stories within The C Suite from participants – and we’re starting to bring them to the podcast so that you can learn from their key breakthrough moments and the strategies that they’ve implemented in order to see huge results selling their services to corporate organisations. 

Our guest for this episode (and first ever Selling to Corporate podcast guest!) is Kay Fabella. Kay is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert – and is sharing her 12 month journey inside The C Suite , going from working primarily with 1:1 clients – to developing a name as the go-to DEI expert for household brands. 


If you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to have a six figure month when selling your services, or how you can build a successful B2B sales stream as a solo practitioner or consultant – then this episode is for you!


In this episode, we’re sharing;


  • Why Kay is appearing on the show and how we’re celebrating her milestone monthly revenue achievement ([0:30])
  • Kay’s diversity, equity and inclusion specialism and the specific problems she helps organisations to solve ([03:18])
  • How Kay decided to join The C Suite and why that was a milestone decision for her business ([05:00])
  • Why Kay had resisted working with corporate organisations (in a primary capacity) for so long before joining The C Suite ([06:36])
  • How the anti-racism movement in 2020 impacted diversity, equity and inclusion within organisations – and what that meant for Kay from a sales perspective and a practitioners perspective ([08:21])
  • Why big name brands like Phillips, the IMF and PepsiCo are partnering with Kay in 2020/21 ([10:02])
  • The ‘Why would [BIG BRANDS] want to hear from little old me’ objection ([13:40])
  • Proactive outreach and the core difference between B2C and B2B sales processes ([15:15])
  • How metrics have made the biggest difference to scaling Kay’s business ([18:21])
  • How using The C Suite roundtable strategy skyrocketed Kay’s connections ([21:16])
  • Why generosity works inside The C Suite and how it opens up room for growth ([25:23])
  • Why ‘easy’ industries don’t exist – and how we carve out new niches that we can own ([30:00])
  • How diversity, equity and inclusion partners need to show up to fully support organisations in 2021 and beyond ([34:31])
  • Designing bigger solutions for corporate organisations in the DEI space ([37:55])
  • Why (and how!) we price based on transformation and how that’s helped Kay 10X her prices ([40:00])
  • How the mindset shift from ‘selling’ to ‘relationship building’ has impacted Kay’s bottom line profit ([43:29])
  • How The C Suite network has brought massive value to Kay as a practitioner and a salesperson ([46:40])

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

You can find Kay Fabella at or on her Inclusion in Progress Podcast.

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