Mar 19, 2021

STC040 How to get past the gatekeeper and in front of the decision maker in a corporate company


Gatekeepers often get a bad rap for ‘stopping’ salespeople getting to the stakeholder or decision maker they want to talk to. But is that the reality? Or are there better ways of communicating with gatekeepers that can help you get in front of the decision maker that you want to talk to more easily?

This episode is for anyone who’s tired of getting pushback from front of house/ reception staff and not being able to get directly in touch with their ideal stakeholder. And by the end of it? You’ll have tried and tested approaches to be able to confidently and competently navigate the gatekeeper crisis!


In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • What a gatekeeper actually is – and where they sit within an organisation ([09:15])
  • The primary role(s) of a gatekeeper and why they’re not solely out to stop you getting on calls with stakeholders ([10:00])
  • How other salespeople have made it harder for genuinely consultative salespeople to build relationships with front of house staff. ([11:11])
  • The easiest way to ‘get around’ the gatekeeper if you’re not a cold calling fan or get nervous on the phone. ([12:02])
  • How to adjust your timings to avoid getting caught out. ([12:38])
  • How you can use cold calling to your advantage if you want to bypass potential gatekeepers ([13:29])
  • Why direct communication can support your cold calling goals. ([14:28])
  • Understanding the value of great gatekeepers and how they can help you make contact with a decision maker. ([15:22])
  • Why your manners matter when it comes to getting a gatekeeper on your side. ([16:53])
  • How decision makers can make it harder for gatekeepers to introduce you and how to overcome that hurdle. ([18:10])
  • How to focus on the transformation in order to get the introduction that you want. ([18:54])
  • Why (and how!) empathy is the key to developing a solid, mutually beneficial gatekeeper relationship. ([19:51])
  • Why you need to avoid hard pitching to stand out in a sea of crappy salespeople. ([20:51])
  • How a great gatekeeper relationship can help you progress difficult sales processes/ other challenges. ([21:58])
  • How to ensure that your purpose is interesting and relevant when calling ([22:50])
  • A simple strategy to circumvent gatekeepers entirely ([23:58])
  • How you can implement lead generation processes that don’t involve gatekeepers but do get you warm relationships with decision makers. ([25:41])


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