Apr 16, 2021

STC042 Four personality profiles that generate profit in B2B sales


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Have you ever thought that certain personality types do better than others when it comes to B2B sales? You’re not alone… in fact, there are differences in the ways that certain personality types show up in their sales activity… and they can help and hinder your success. But instead of trying to change your personality, I’ve decided to share the most common personality types that I’ve seen whilst training over 12,000 people – and how you can maximise your personality to make more sales.

After all, we can’t all sell in exactly the same way… so if you’re interested in finding out the part that your personality plays in your sales process, how it helps you and how it could be holding you back (plus focus areas for improvement!) then take a listen now.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing;

  • A quick overview of why there are four key personalities – and how to know if you’re a rare combination or not! ([04:38])
  • Whether it’s problematic to have a personality (and show it to stakeholders) when you’re selling your services to corporate companies. ([05:55])
  • Why we have to stop letting our personality type be the obstacle that stops us from selling successfully to corporate organisations. ([07:16])
  • Are you a ‘Wanda’ overview ([09:26])
  • Why ‘Wanda’s’ can get stuck with proposal writing and creating clear sales opportunities. ([10:41])
  • The best sales skill for a ‘Wanda’ – and how you can use it to your advantage in the B2B sales process. ([12:25])
  • How developing your consultative sales skills can give ‘Wanda’s’ the biggest advantage over their competitors. ([14:47])
  • Why ‘Olga’s’ are a classic sales personality type ([17:29])
  • Why theoretical sales concepts will keep you stuck and stop you making the sales you need. ([18:10])
  • The area that ‘Olga’s’ excel – and why it’ll give you an added edge over your competition. ([20:17])
  • How best practice business development skills will really bring an ‘Olga’ to the top of their potential close rates. ([22:03])
  • How ‘Olga’s’ can overcome their overthinking tendencies and take immediate action ([24:01])
  • What is a ‘Dan’ personality – and why I’m a very clear ‘Dan’ ([26:00])
  • How ‘Dan’s’ can often be misconstrued or misunderstood in the sales process – and how to work on it ([27:23])
  • Where ‘Dan’s’ excel… and why they’re more likely to close proposals quickly. ([30:43])
  • Why ‘Dan’s’ need to work on gaining multiple internal champions – and how to make that happen. ([32:07])
  • How to know if you’re a ‘Kieran’ – and why it’s super common in salespeople. ([33:45])
  • Why ‘Kieran’s’ will often use optimism to predict their B2B sales outcomes ([34:53])
  • Fast action plus foundational strategy – and how it can help ‘Kieran’s’ outperform their competition. ([36:30])
  • How metrics will save a ‘Kieran’ from missing out on sales opportunities. ([38:50])
  • Why your personality doesn’t have to hold you back – and using the sales strategies from today’s episode to help you win more business. ([42:03])


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