Apr 30, 2021

STC043 Is hiring an external salesperson your best option to make more corporate sales


One of the most common questions small business owners ask me is whether they can just ‘hire a salesperson to do it for me’ – or whether they can hire me directly to implement their B2B sales process! If you’ve been thinking about hiring a sales professional to start working on your B2B sales process – and wondering what you should watch out for – then this episode is for you!

So if you’ve been thinking that you don’t have the time to do the sales work in your business/ are ready to expand and build a team that can do the heavy lifting or you just want some clarity on whether or not your business is ready to hire a sales professional? Take a listen.


In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • How Q2 differs from Q3 – and why it’ll be impacting your sales process ([0:32])
  • Why ‘quicker’ and ‘easier’ sales solutions are entering the market – and what that really means for your progress. ([04:11])
  • How this episode has been designed for you to get an unbiased view of B2B sales professionals and why it may / may not be right for your business. ([05:02])
  • Understanding who is responsible for troubleshooting processes in your business – and why it matters. ([07:40])
  • The common stages small business owners usually start to consider hiring a salesperson for their business. ([09:39])
  • The key elements you need to consider when making a decision about expanding/ building your sales team. ([11:51])
  • Why recruiting B2B sales professionals needs serious thought – and what your recruitment process should look like. ([12:51])
  • How a good salesperson can challenge your interview process – and encourage you to make a faster than normal hiring decision. ([13:57])
  • Do billings matter? And can you really make a salesperson show you ‘proof of billings’? ([15:18])
  • Why other people cannot make sales recruitment decisions for you ([16:44])
  • Why hiring a salesperson isn’t just an important decision for your profit margins ([18:26])
  • Can industry/ discipline specialism really be a problem for experienced B2B salespeople? ([19:53])
  • How to avoid mixing up sales roles and ‘vocation focused’ employees. ([21:26])
  • How to establish practically, whether your business could hire and manage a salesperson right now. ([22:03])
  • Sharing comments from my own appraisal… understanding the expectations on new business development executives. ([23:15])
  • How to know what motivates a salesperson – and whether or not, you’re able to performance manage them correctly. ([25:22])
  • The pitfalls of performance management ([27:14])
  • The three things you must have in place before you hire a B2B sales professional. ([28:43])
  • How metrics will help you (and your sales person!) make money. ([31:40])
  • Compensation expectations – and what you need to look out for. ([34:25])
  • Understanding the difference between sales skill sets – and hiring what you need! ([35:07])
  • Should you really pay a salesperson ‘what they want’? ([39:19])
  • Why you can’t ‘just hire me’ … and how you can apply that logic to your own business. ([41:40])
  • How to understand the wider impact and implications of hiring a salesperson in all areas of your business. ([43:23])
  • How (and when!) I made the decision to hire sales professionals in my business – and the difference it can make if you get it right. ([47:23])
  • How to know if you’re bottle-necking your business from a sales perspective. ([49:11])
  • What to do if it’s not the right time for you to hire a sales professional. ([52:20])

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