May 28, 2021

STC045 How to find your corporate niche – and communicate it to prospective clients


If you’ve ever wondered why it takes forever for corporate clients to understand what you do or how you can help them? Then this is the episode for you! This episode is for anyone who’s struggling to choose their niche, who feels like they lack clarity around their industry or discipline or who is waiting on taking action to sell to corporate companies because they feel like they’re missing those all-important, foundational decisions.


Simply put, if you’re someone who has an elevator pitch that needs 28 storeys to successfully explain what you do – and who for? Then this is the podcast episode that is going to help you get that quick clarity so that you can start taking fast action on your corporate / B2B sales plan.




In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • Why being able to nail your corporate niche isn’t enough – and how communication around your niche is going to be key for seeing big sales successes. ([00:53])
  • What really stops people from choosing their corporate niche – and why it’s holding your sales process back. ([04:51])
  • Whether it really matters if ‘corporates would buy that’ or whether you need to think about niching differently. ([06:25])
  • The real differences between ‘niche’ and ‘industry’ and why confusing the two is losing you sales. ([07:31])
  • Whether external validation on your corporate niche is necessary to see a successful B2B sales process. ([09:15])
  • How to know whether you need to pick a ‘forever’ niche right now. ([10:42])
  • How to choose a corporate niche if you’re a generalist/ multi-talented ([12:46])
  • The one thing that will ruin your business if you choose the incorrect niche. ([14:12])
  • The ways that corporate companies are changing – and how that’s impacting the ability for small business owners/ entrepreneurs to choose different niches and avoid stereotypes. ([18:26])
  • Why troubleshooting your own sales process is challenging – and how it can stop you effectively selling your services ([21:08])
  • Why your niche is destined to fail… unless you fix your messaging for corporate clients. ([24:41])
  • How sounding ‘smart’ makes it much more difficult to sell your services to corporate organisations ([26:15])
  • Why it’s important to make sure our stakeholders never feel ‘stupid’ when hearing about our products/ services… and how to improve our elevator pitches so that they convert. ([29:42])
  • How to avoid ‘word vomit’ – and overloading your prospect with information that doesn’t help them buy from you. ([33:00])
  • How your messaging can make your corporate stakeholder feel educated, valued and make them want to buy from you. ([35:40])


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