Aug 20, 2021

STC051 How to understand what a corporate company is


A quick summer episode to answer one of the most common questions / objections I hear from people considering making the switch to B2B sales! Have you ever thought about selling to corporate organisations but got scared at the thought of having to sell to big banks / huge organisations/ household name brands? Maybe you’ve thought about selling into public sector/ not-for-profit organisations but decided that they’re not ‘corporate enough’? 

This episode is for you! There are a lot of misconceptions about the types of organisations that are actually ‘corporate’… and the ones that aren’t. So if you’re already selling to organisations but worried that you’re not ‘selling to corporates’ or if you’re brand new to B2B sales and not entirely sure what a corporate organisation is, then take a listen to this super-quick episode.


I’ll be sharing;


  • Details for my new FREE ‘Creating Proposals that Convert’ Masterclass (being held live on Thursday 26th August at 2pm UK) If your current proposal conversion rate is lower than 80%, you’ll want to get yourself signed up!
  • The person types writing in and asking what corporate companies really are… (no names mentioned!) ([03:24])
  • How some entrepreneurs are diminishing their B2B sales efforts by dismissing them as ‘not corporate enough’ ([03:55])
  • A clear definition of what a corporate organisation really is. ([05:17])
  • Why I created my own definition of corporate organisations ([05:47])
  • The most common understanding of corporate organisations – and what that means for your sales process. ([07:10])
  • The biggest difference between B2C and B2C sales ([07:28])
  • A reminder to bolster your confidence around B2B sales and the company types you’re targeting ([09:19])
  • Why people buy into a common misconception around the company types that are ‘corporate’ ([10:12])
  • How to move away from your preconceived ideas around what a ‘corporate’ is. ([11:24])
  • What is an industry – and what isn’t. ([12:36])
  • Understanding how to break industries down into sub-categories – and the difference that makes to your B2B sales process. ([14:01])
  • The types of industries that are available to choose from/ sell to when you’re targeting corporate organisations. ([14:51])
  • How to get the best advice on company types to target ([17:08])


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