Sep 17, 2021

STC053 Why September is your best time to sell to corporate organisations


Time for a tough love episode! Have you been thinking about selling your services to corporate organisations – but not actually doing it? Or perhaps you’ve been selling to large organisations but your revenue / deals closed ratio isn’t where you’d like and you’ve been saying that you’ll improve it soon? 

Today’s episode is all about why ‘soon’ is finally here – and how September is your best time to sell into corporate organisations. 

We’re focusing on whether or not coronavirus is going to impact September sales, how the market is shifting (and why that’s GOOD news for external suppliers) and the practical areas that you must focus on if you want to successfully sell more services to corporate organisations this year.


This episode is for anyone who;


  • Has been promising themselves that they’ll ‘get around’ to selling to corporates once their website is finished/ branding is done/ they’ve created an entire curriculum etc. It’s not to say that there aren’t valid reasons to pace yourself… but in this episode, we’ll be exploring why you need to take action now or miss the boat.
  • Is currently selling their services to corporates but has a lower close rate percentage than they’d like and wants to take immediate action to have a great Q4.
  • Has been worrying about their Q4/ 2021 pipeline and wants to spend their time wisely and strategically to create (and close!) better sales opportunities.


In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • Why I’m so grateful for KemiRaw’s five star review (and making a shameless bid for you to leave one too!) Plus something exciting coming next Tuesday for all podcast listeners! ([01:48])
  • How the market landscape is staying the same – and what we’d normally expect to see at this time of year that isn’t being impacted by coronavirus. And what that means for you as an external supplier! ([04:43])
  • Which shifts we’re seeing due to coronavirus and how they’ll allow you to make more sales as an external supplier ([13:44])
  • How financial year end is a great opportunity for you to generate extra revenue ([15:03])
  • How to avoid your competitors gaining market share and revenue (and why you need to take action immediately to avoid future clashes) ([16:58])
  • The timings you need to focus on so that you’re able to plan ahead and land deals before anyone else ([19:48])
  • The difference between the areas that you might think are important to corporates – and the areas that they’ll really be focusing on. ([23:45])
  • How people inside The C Suite are using this information to create incredible results, regardless of coronavirus/ recession ([24:53])
  • The actions you must take, depending on where you are, to maximise your results in Q4 and beyond. ([30:40])


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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