Nov 26, 2021

STC058 How to map out your 2022 B2B sales strategy without stress or overwhelm


Have you been struggling to set your B2B sales strategy for 2022? Perhaps you’re not sure what you should be including or how to make your corporate sales strategy fit your new revenue goals? 

Having a solid B2B sales strategy is integral to the success and growth of your business next year – and getting your strategy mapped out before 2022 means that you have the time to make strong business decisions and create a manageable implementation plan that will help you hit your goals next year without stress or overwhelm.

That’s why I’ve recorded this episode; to help you make key decisions about your business in 2022 – and make sure that you have your best year in business.


In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • Who should be attending Converting Corporates in April 2022 ([02:24])
  • Why it’s important to set your B2B sales goals now ([04:29])
  • What you’ll be able to achieve by the end of this episode – and how you’ll be able to create your B2B sales plan. ([06:02])
  • The most important considerations you need to make when creating your 2022 B2B sales strategy ([07:28])
  • How to strategically set the right revenue target for 2022 – without just hoping that it’s right ([08:51])
  • Why not all customers are created equal when it comes to B2B sales ([10:24])
  • Why everyone needs to stop saying ‘I just need more leads’ in 2022 ([12:32])
  • How to set realistic expectations of yourself and your B2B sales performance ([14:40])
  • Why you need to be creating your sales plan around having 40-42 working weeks in a year ([17:22])
  • The top three factors you’ll need to consider when creating your B2B sales strategy ([19:06])
  • How to effectively reverse engineer your goals into practical action steps ([19:46])
  • How to utilise visibility and credibility to add value to your sales strategy ([22:07])
  • Why business plateaus aren’t linked to your sales strategy… and what you really need to change to see growth ([23:56])
  • The biggest challenge / best question to ask yourself when setting your new B2B sales strategy ([26:20])
  • Why I’ll be changing my referral strategy (and who I refer business to) in 2022 ([28:09])
  • The importance of assessing your ROI from 2021 investments and how it’ll impact your business in 2022 ([30:19])
  • Assessing and troubleshooting the changes you’ll need to make to hit your goals next year. ([30:42])
  • An introduction the the Selling to Corporate podcast episodes that will be appearing over the Christmas period ([33:14])

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