Dec 10, 2021

STC059 How to transition from a B2C business to a B2B revenue stream with Gemma Stow


It can be tough to transition your entire business from selling B2C to selling B2B. If you’re considering changing your primary revenue stream or adding a secondary B2B revenue stream and feeling nervous, confused or scared, then this episode is for you!

I’ve brought Gemma Stow, Self Promotion Expert, onto the Selling to Corporate podcast to share her journey; how she went from being a coach for individual women to successfully selling her self promotion services to corporate organisations so that they can reduce the gender pay gap and see more women in leadership roles.


In this episode, we’re discussing;


  • The transformations Gemma adds to Housing Associations (and their employees) ([01:12])
  • What made Gemma decide to start selling her services to corporates ([03:09])
  • The ways her B2C business meant she was ‘spreading herself too thin’ ([04:24])
  • Why selling to corporate companies was a hard (and scary!) decision to make ([06:07])
  • How your own employment background can impact whether or not you decide to sell your services to corporate organisations ([07:06])
  • Whether the Public Sector counts as being a ‘corporate’ company. ([07:42])
  • How selling to Housing Associations has aligned with Gemma’s core values – and allowed her to see the bigger impact of her work. ([08:26])
  • How to prioritise company transformations so that they see the value in hiring an external supplier. ([10:20])
  • Letting go a B2C business; how it feels to start closing down a big revenue source and make huge changes. ([11:20])
  • How Gemma got started and the first services she sold to corporate organisations. ([12:18])
  • The exact number of paid talks Gemma has delivered in 2020, despite a pandemic! ([13:29])
  • How to balance your sales / business development activity and your delivery process. ([16:00])
  • The interesting ways that selling her services to corporate organisations has streamlined Gemma’s social activity. ([17:05])
  • Why selling to corporate organisations has made Gemma more confident about charging for the value she brings to companies and increased her confidence at negotiating too! ([19:09])
  • How the pandemic affected Gemma’s business – and how she managed to continue building her B2B revenue stream whilst under the pressures of home-schooling! ([20:17])
  • Creating change; using her platform to increase male allyship within organisations and how that’s going to be important in the Public Sector space next year. ([22:08])
  • Sharing her biggest business / revenue milestone..! ([24:35])


And more! 


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