Dec 24, 2021

STC060 Top B2B Trends and Insights to set yourself up for success


Smart salespeople (and business owners!) are always keen to gather data around the B2B trends and insights that will support them to move forward over the next twelve months. Being able to understand how the corporate sales market is moving and the direction it’s taking, makes it much easier to sense-check your plan for the coming year and will make sure that you’re adding corporate offers that best benefit your clients and your business plan.

That’s why this episode is entirely dedicated to the trends and predictions that are coming up in 2022 – and how you can use them to best benefit your business, increase your market share and sign more corporate clients.


In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • An overview of the things that have happened in the Selling to Corporate world this year and what you can learn from our experiences in the corporate sales space. ([02:04])
  • How our brand new C Suite participants went from zero to multi-six figure years. ([04:25])
  • The importance of intellectual property protection and how to avoid misunderstandings when sharing your intellectual property with corporate organisations. ([12:30])
  • How 2021 changed the B2B sales landscape for small business owners/ entrepreneurs. ([14:28])
  • Surveying our corporate clients; what we learnt about how stakeholders are feeling with regards to lead generation this year. ([15:58])
  • The most popular method of lead generation according to our corporate stakeholders ([16:57])
  • Why stakeholders are avoiding replying to LinkedIn messages – and why it’s become more difficult to communicate with cold B2B leads on that platform. ([18:17])
  • How stakeholders are viewing pre-existing relationships in 2022 and what that means for your sales activity. ([20:32])
  • The importance of transparent, clear communication in B2B sales. ([21:45])
  • How diagnostics (and your accuracy in analysing problems) will benefit your B2B sales process. ([23:53])
  • The ways that the corporate sales landscape has changed over the last twelve months and prioritising premium services. ([25:19])
  • Why under-charging is stopping most small business owners from making real progress in the B2B space. ([27:28])
  • How the ‘Great Resignation’ is impacting organisations – and what you can do to solve upcoming obstacles. ([28:26])
  • The top benefits for companies in hiring external suppliers/ consultants to support projects. ([29:30])
  • What ‘Done for You’ service providers can expect in the upcoming months. ([30:21])
  • How companies are prioritising values – and how that benefits you as an external provider. ([32:03])
  • Why 2022 is looking to be a ‘growth’ year for those small business owners/ entrepreneurs who are willing to do the work. ([34:48])
  • Where to spend your time on social media and what stakeholders are really looking for from potential sellers. ([35:59])
  • Why outsourcing your sales activity shouldn’t be on your list next year… unless you’ve got these specialist skills to support your growth! ([37:51])
  • The experience you need to have as a sales professional in order to hire an external sales person successfully. ([38:59])
  • Top two learning and development areas that most entrepreneurs / small business owners need to focus on next year in order to get their best B2B sales results. ([41:24])
  • How to effectively troubleshoot your sales process to understand where your gaps are and your areas of improvement. ([43:57])

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