Jan 7, 2022

STC061 How to successfully scale your wellness business selling to corporate companies with Kate Davies


Are you working in the health and wellness space – and wondering how you can successfully sell your services to corporate organisations? Perhaps you’ve been feeling like corporate organisations haven’t historically prioritised health and wellness initiatives, like they’ve been a ‘tick-box’ exercise for companies… or that they don’t pay premium prices in those areas?

To start the year on the right foot, I’ve brought one of our awesome C Suite participants, Kate Davies onto the podcast today. As an Independent Fertility Nurse Consultant (and now expert B2B salesperson!) Kate transformed her business last year by deciding to work with corporate organisations to better support employees who are undergoing fertility treatment.

Over the last twelve months, Kate has added her B2B revenue stream – and helped some of the worlds largest financial services institutions to retain their employees and educate them around fertility issues.

So if you’re a health and wellness practitioner who’s been thinking about whether or not it’s really possible to get corporate organisations to take you seriously and sell at higher price points? This is the episode for you.


In this episode, we’ll be sharing;


  • Kate’s background as a clinician working within the NHS – and how that impacted her business. ([0:27])
  • Why fertility in the workplace is an important discussion – and why Kate wanted to raise it with large organisations. ([01:24])
  • The misconceptions around corporate companies and how they prioritise employee needs. ([03:23])
  • Entering the marketplace when companies weren’t aware of what fertility in the workplace looked like or why it was important. ([04:27])
  • How forward thinking workplaces helped Kate to see a way forward for fertility in the workplace. ([05:11])
  • The types of research that has helped to demonstrate to corporate organisations that health and wellness support is needed in the workplace. ([06:20])
  • How fertility / infertility is impacting organisations and their employees on a bigger level. ([07:15])
  • Handling objections about inclusivity of certain topics in the workplace. ([08:22])
  • How certain health and wellness topics impact more people than originally expected in the workplace and why that matters for corporate organisations. ([09:55])
  • How Covid and menopause initiatives have helped to open up better workplace discussions around health and wellness. ([10:44])
  • The importance of choosing the right training for the organisation and how it impacts their experience. ([11:24])
  • Juggling both a successful B2C and B2B revenue streams and how to manage it. ([12:17])
  • How an NHS background led Kate to undercharging… and how she overcame it. ([13:15])
  • How Kate’s business is changing – and what being fully booked means for growth. ([14:41])
  • Why integrating a B2B revenue stream means that you can win extra B2C business. ([15:55])
  • The impact of positive feedback from corporate training sessions and leveraging that thoroughly. ([16:41])
  • Word of mouth/ selling via recommendations; how Kate is being commended as the expert in her space. ([17:51])
  • Kate’s big C Suite breakthroughs. ([19:00])
  • Avoiding free consultancy – and having a 90% conversion rate on business development calls. ([20:36])


If you want to connect with Kate, you can find her over on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-davies-independent-fertility-nurse-consultant-8671579b/ 


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