Jan 21, 2022

STC062 5 Surprising Things You Can Sell to Corporate Companies


Do you feel bored when you’re thinking about your corporate offers? Perhaps you’re only just starting to consider selling B2B and you’re not really sure what you can even sell to companies… or what types of products/ services that they buy? Well, in today’s episode I’ve got you covered – and we’re diving into all things offers. So if you’ve been stuck, searching frantically for the best ways to package your skills and make them immediately interesting and sellable to corporate organisations, this episode is the one for you!  

In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • What a corporate offer, product or service really is. ([03:14])
  • Why it’s important not to let corporate organisations dictate which types of offers you are going to sell. ([05:06])
  • The main reasons that certain solutions don’t work for corporate organisations. ([06:08])
  • How to get stakeholders / decision makers to be open to having a conversation about alternative solutions. ([07:10])
  • How keynote talks can be a great offer for corporate companies to buy for their employees. ([08:11])
  • Whether a keynote talk has to be motivational in nature for corporate companies. ([08:27])
  • Jay Baer and why he’s one of my favourite B2B corporate sellers. ([10:03])
  • Liz Wiseman and the ways that she’s changing the way corporations work. ([10:44])
  • The price ranges expected for corporate organisations to pay for keynote talks. ([12:45])
  • Core skills you need to be able to create a sought after keynote speaker revenue stream for corporate organisations. ([13:40])
  • Why Lunch and Learn sessions can be incredibly valuable to corporate companies. ([16:11])
  • Practical elements to Lunch and Learn sessions – and what they really entail. ([17:41])
  • Personality types/ business owners that are best suited to delivering Lunch and Learn sessions. ([18:46])
  • Indicative pricing for lunch and learn sessions. ([19:35])
  • Selling retainers to corporate organisations. ([20:02])
  • Training I’ll be delivering on retainer sessions at the Converting Corporates event this April. ([20:24])
  • The most common reason that small business owners tend not to sell retainers spectacularly well to corporate organisations. ([20:58])
  • How retainers impact your relationship with decision makers and stakeholders in corporate companies. ([22:04])
  • The two different types of retainers you can sell to corporate organisations. ([23:04])
  • Indicative pricing for retainer projects being sold to corporate clients. ([24:33])
  • Why you need to be confident and competent in pricing your corporate services if you want to sell retained packages / services to corporate clients. ([25:04])
  • Selling passive income products to corporate clients – and whether they really work in the corporate space. ([26:47])
  • Low transformation, high volume products and the role they have to play in corporate companies. ([27:41])
  • How to create high transformation, low touch passive products for corporate companies. ([29:12])
  • How one of my C Suite clients is using their book to create consistent revenue (passively!) (30::18)
  • Major considerations you need to make when selling passive / licensed products to corporate companies. ([32:35])
  • The serious considerations you need to make if you didn’t have the revenue generation you expected last year. ([36:01])


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