Feb 18, 2022

STC064 Do cold emails still work when selling to corporate companies?


Are you struggling to convert corporate / B2B leads on LinkedIn? Perhaps you used to be super successful at selling to corporate companies on social media but have seen a steady decline in responses over the last few months – and you’re wondering whether you’re doing something wrong… The world is changing and we’re seeing more stakeholders take decision making away from social media and focus on curating mutually beneficial relationships with external suppliers instead.

If you’ve been noticing a decline in activity and want to see whether there are better sales approaches and opportunities, then exploring a new method of B2B lead generation might be the right way to go – so that you can curate the best results over the rest of 2022! 


In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • That we only have a few final tickets left for Converting Corporates this April. If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, make sure to do so by clicking here: ​​https://sellingtocorporate.com/converting-corporates-2022/ 
  • Why email marketing has been the highest success generator for our C Suite participants over the last six months for B2B lead generation. ([02:49])
  • The common issues that we see with B2B cold email marketing – and why it’s been problematic in the past. ([03:46])
  • When emails should not be used for B2B sales communications. ([06:42])
  • Why solopreneurs/ entrepreneurs and corporate sales teams are reluctant to use cold email marketing to generate B2B sales leads. ([07:45])
  • Spammy email marketing and the problems it causes for B2B salespeople. ([08:17])
  • Why cold email marketing demonstrates a higher barrier to entry – and can help you sign more corporate clients. ([08:59])
  • The common challenges entrepreneurs/ solopreneurs face when getting started with cold email marketing to corporate companies. ([09:57])
  • Key results from our Selling to Corporate poll of stakeholders and their sales communication preferences. ([10:34])
  • Why cold calling has also increased in popularity to generate more B2B leads. ([12:11])
  • The serious caveat you need to consider if you decide to switch to a cold email marketing strategy for corporate companies. ([13:34])
  • Key conditions of cold email marketing to companies and how to do it well. ([16:37])
  • Front end workload with cold email marketing for the B2B sales space. ([17:37])
  • How to find the correct stakeholder email addresses for your cold email marketing strategy. ([18:35])
  • Considerations to make around email marketing and timelines so that it’s most effective. ([21:34])
  • Positive qualities that cold email marketing demonstrates (if done correctly!) to corporate stakeholders and decision makers. ([22:55])
  • How specific should you be in your cold email marketing for corporate decision makers? ([23:53])
  • What your first cold email marketing message should say to a corporate stakeholder. ([24:51])
  • Targeting your cold email marketing to the right types of stakeholders. ([26:50])
  • Your cold email marketing follow up strategy – and why it’s so important to your sales success. ([27:28])
  • The changes we need to make when moving a prospect from cold email marketing communication to having a business development call. ([30:08])
  • Key differences in response rates between LinkedIn and cold email marketing. ([31:47])

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