Mar 4, 2022

STC065 How to run a successful business selling B2B working twenty hours per week with Emma Waltham


It can be really easy to think that selling your services to corporate companies will a) take forever and b) that you’ll end up working every hour available (just like a corporate employee!) But that isn’t the case… and working with corporate organisations as an external supplier, means being able to build your business (and deliver to clients) in the best way for your lifestyle. 

To show you how that’s possible, I’m bringing one of our most productive C Suite participants, Emma Waltham, onto the podcast today to talk about how she’s built a successful business, selling her services to corporate companies and being able to run the business and deliver to clients in just twenty hours per week.

As a busy parent and maternity returner expert for STEM organisations, Emma is on the podcast today to share her top tips and breakthroughs around growing her B2B revenue stream and working in more effective ways to have the business and family life that she’s wanted to cultivate forever.

In this episode, we’re discussing;

  • How Emma supports STEM organisations with their maternity returners. ([01:40])
  • Emma’s previous business iteration and how she had been supporting individuals on a 121 basis. ([02:12])
  • Why Emma decided to attend the inaugural Converting Corporates event. ([02:56])
  • How the pandemic affected Emma and her new B2B business focus. ([03:52])
  • The concerning part about Emma’s pipeline falling away overnight – and how it encouraged her to sign up for The C Suite . ([05:07])
  • How isolation as an entrepreneur, selling to corporates impacts your confidence and business. ([06:56])
  • The 2008 financial crash reminder – and how it helped Emma to recognise that she would make it through successfully. ([07:48])
  • How the people inside The C Suite made Emma feel confident and comfortable to join. ([08:43])
  • Why my predictions around scaling and growth in 2020, meant that Emma grew her business dramatically in 2020/21. ([09:53])
  • How the April 2020 C Suite intake took multiple chances on themselves to really achieve their B2B sales goals in the midst of a pandemic. ([10:34])

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Unfortunately one year after recording her Selling to Corporate ® case study podcast episode, Emma sadly passed away. Donations can be made in her name to the Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City:

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