Mar 18, 2022

STC066 How to find time for business development activities when you’re busy delivering to corporate clients


Being busy with client delivery is a problem that lots of us would love to have… but the reality of having lots of client delivery work is that often, your business development activities can take a backseat. And as we all know, when we have a break in business development activities, we see the consequences ninety days later when we have a sales famine.

Finding time for business development is business-critical… regardless of whether you’re in a high delivery period or not. If you want a steady stream of corporate clients then it’s integral to make sure that you’re operating a consistent B2B lead generation and sales process… so we have to find ways to make that happen even when times are busy.

In this episode, I’ll be covering;

  • Our popular December episode and how you can help the growth of the Selling to Corporate podcast! ([00:25])
  • Understanding how my most successful clients are balancing business development and client delivery. ([03:35])
  • How you can grab one of the remaining tickets for the Converting Corporates April event. ([04:25])
  • Why the feast/ famine B2B sales cycle happens – so that we can avoid it moving forward. ([05:24])
  • Defining our own priorities and how they factor into your business development plan. ([06:21])
  • Why avoiding setting boundaries with clients leads to a feast/ famine B2B sales cycle. ([07:18])
  • How ‘diary squeezing’ trainings lead to poor business development practice. ([07:48])
  • The problems that come with successful sales cycles (and how it can scupper your motivation!) ([08:55])
  • The three simple steps it takes to generate consistent clients and have time for regular B2B business development. ([10:08])
  • How protected calendar management can solve your feast/ famine sales cycle problems. ([10:44])
  • How I use protected calendar time to always complete my business development tasks – and what you can learn from it! ([11:13])
  • Why early morning reactivity feels tougher – and the reason I prioritise clients after 11am. ([11:41])
  • How avoiding reactivity made my clients more confident in their own B2B sales skills. ([13:00])
  • Why setting client boundaries allows you to be 100% present in client delivery. ([14:45])
  • How protected calendar management means that you always have consistent time for business development activities. ([17:15])
  • The ways that pricing your products/ services impacts your consistency with business development. ([17:42])
  • How undercharging leads to feast/ famine B2B sales cycles. ([18:34])
  • How managing prospective clients expectations can support you building out better business development time (and manage your delivery workload!) ([20:25])
  • Finding your own rhythm for client delivery and managing your B2B sales process. ([21:14])
  • How to understand when you’re really at your ‘tipping point’ and require additional business development support. ([22:36])
  • How our C Suite participants start to bring additional business support into their company. ([23:08])
  • The different ways that C Suite participants are scaling their processes for B2B sales and how it’s helping them to grow. ([23:41])
  • How / why you might feel awkward about actioning some of these strategies – and why they’ll benefit you moving forward. ([24:17])


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