Apr 1, 2022

STC067 Three most common sales objections when selling to corporate companies and how to handle them


There are some objections that corporate decision makers raise all the time – and it’s infuriating when you know that they’ll come up, but not how to respond! Over the last few years, I’ve heard tons of entrepreneurs get frustrated about hearing the same objections time and again from corporate organisations – only to feel like they’re never quite handling them in the right way. If that’s you? Then this episode has you covered! I’m sharing how you can improve your objection handling skills when dealing with stakeholders – in a consultative, easy (not sleazy!) way so that you can feel more confident and comfortable to talk around any reservations that your stakeholders/ corporate decision makers might have… and get the best outcome for both of you!


In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • The homework/ reflections that you should be doing at the beginning of Q2 to make sure that you can have your best B2B sales quarter yet. ([01:19])
  • How we reflect on quarterly successes inside The C Suite . ([01:47])
  • Why seasonality is important to monitor if you’re working with corporate organisations. ([02:20])
  • How wedding shopping has showcased some of the worst sales experiences I’ve ever seen. ([03:07])
  • How the Converting Corporates Bundle can support you if you’re not able to attend Converting Corporates live this month. ([05:46])
  • Why financial new year is the perfect time for you to get started with your B2B sales process. ([07:11])
  • Creating predictable B2B/ corporate revenue streams in 2022. ([08:49])
  • The biggest reason that stakeholders put forward objections. ([09:37])
  • Understanding what an objection really is from a corporate stakeholders perspective. ([10:40])
  • Whether or not we’re in control of objections becoming rejections. ([11:37])
  • How feeling resentful towards a decision maker for raising an objection can lose you future sales. ([13:04])
  • The real purpose behind a decent objection handling process. ([13:52])
  • Why we should stop using the word ‘overcome’ when we talk about objections. ([16:01])
  • How different economical factors will make objections seem more prevalent… and why we need to establish validity quickly. ([17:12])
  • Where objections really come up / appear in the B2B sales process. ([18:59])
  • Whether objections are really problems that the stakeholder is having – or not! ([19:43])
  • How we can pre-empt objections during our sales calls. ([20:20])
  • Establishing whether or not an objection is valid/ real. ([21:18])
  • Three types of corporate objections that we hear most often when selling to corporate companies. ([22:50])
  • Understanding whether the stakeholder hasn’t given us the correct information – or whether we’ve misinterpreted the need. ([25:35])
  • The ‘hard-sell’ process that B2B salespeople often attempt to overcome sales objections. ([26:55])
  • How we can use empathy to handle objections in a better way. ([29:38])
  • Using consultative questioning techniques to establish the validity of an objection. ([30:11])
  • Understanding how to challenge your stakeholders in a courteous but consultative, way. ([32:49])
  • How to avoid aggressive questioning when handling objections from your decision maker. ([33:37])
  • Supporting your stakeholder to make the best decision for them. ([35:13])
  • How we can agree mutually beneficial next steps to support future sales. ([35:49])
  • Why stock/ scripted answers don’t work to handle corporate objections. ([37:14])
  • Upcoming episodes so that you can get excited! ([39:11])

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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