Apr 29, 2022

STC069 The steps to take when raising your rates with corporate companies


Have you ever wanted to raise your rates when working with corporate companies but felt worried or anxious about the change? Perhaps you know that you’re undercharging – and you’re even feeling resentful about the amount of work you’re doing vs the amount that you’re being paid but you’re panicking that if you change your rates, you’ll lose clients and revenue?

It’s totally normal to feel that way – and it’s something that I hear a lot from clients and community members who’ve started selling to corporate companies and realised that they’re undercharging for their expertise but don’t feel confident to raise their rates just in case they start to lose clients or see a reduction in revenue.

This episode shares the exact strategies that I use to change my prices – so that you can learn in real-time how to identify if you need to raise your rates and feel confident about changing them.


In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • Why my friends avoided telling me anything about my upcoming hen weekend… ([01:09])
  • The conversations we had about pricing at the Converting Corporates event and how they informed this episode. ([01:49])
  • The timeframes I usually use to sense-check (and raise!) my prices for B2B and B2C clients. ([02:57])
  • Why raising prices with corporate clients feels more ‘normal’. ([03:34])
  • Why I felt uncomfortable about raising my prices during the pandemic – and what you can learn from it. ([05:58])
  • How I started The C Suite in 2019 – and my pricing strategy on launching it. ([06:51])
  • Why the popularity contest on social media is stopping entrepreneurs from successfully selling their products and services. ([07:24])
  • How we celebrated a client who’d had a £148,000 quarter at our Converting Corporates event this year. ([08:45])
  • How other Converting Corporates participants had raised their prices and their revenue since the last event. ([09:37])
  • Our launch numbers for the first iteration/ cohort of The C Suite in November 2019. ([10:48])
  • How the pandemic affected the April 2020 launch – and how we supported our participants to generate quick revenue. ([11:52])
  • The incredible entrepreneurs who joined mid-pandemic and how they grew their businesses quickly despite losing corporate contracts overnight. ([12:35])
  • How my mindset determined my price point between 2019 and 2022 for The C Suite ([14:32])
  • The importance of avoiding ‘false urgency’ in my pricing strategy. ([15:32])
  • How our focus on results and genuine testimonials supported our pricing strategy. ([16:10])
  • The extra levels of support my team offered to our participants during the pandemic so that they could thrive and sell successfully to corporate companies. ([17:19])
  • Practicalities behind reassessing (and changing) my pricing. ([18:45])
  • The differences and evolution of the live support aspects inside The C Suite since 2019. ([19:40])
  • The importance of pricing based on all of the practicalities and work you’ll be delivering for corporate companies. ([23:02])
  • Assessing the value of the transformation that you’re creating for your corporate clients. ([23:55])
  • How creating a results focused product supports the future pricing strategy. ([25:20])
  • How generating consistent revenue impacted our clients and their ability to take time out of their business during holiday periods. ([26:17])
  • The clear transformations that participants have experienced and how it influences pricing. ([27:27])
  • How to start using this pricing process in your own business. ([30:51])
  • Addressing why we feel awkward about the pricing conversation with corporate clients. ([31:27])
  • Why we don’t judge anyone’s pricing / budgets for learning and development investments at Selling to Corporate. ([34:58])


And lots more!

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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