Jun 24, 2022

STC073 Converting Corporates Key Takeaways


Did you miss our April Converting Corporates event and have FOMO because you couldn’t attend? Every year, we get lots of people who wished that they could attend but for whatever reason, weren’t able to make the event… and April’s Converting Corporates workshops were incredible… 

That’s why I’ve taken time to distil the three key takeaways from our participants at our April event – so that you can understand the core B2B sales breakthroughs that happened – and apply them to your own business over the summer.


In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • What you need to know about attending Converting Corporates this September. ([00:46])
  • The epic feedback that we’ve had about Converting Corporates. ([01:57])
  • Why it’s so important (and rare!) to be able to learn and implement B2B sales skills at any events you attend. ([05:29])
  • The power of live training and how it impacts the breakthroughs that you can achieve. ([10:01])
  • Why pricing your services to sell to corporates is so important to get right. ([13:29])
  • Why pricing your services to sell to corporate clients can often feel difficult. ([13:31])
  • How working alone can make it harder to price your services for corporate companies. ([13:54])
  • How external validation on our pricing can help us sell more services to corporate companies and feel super confident about it. ([14:14])
  • What creating and sense-checking an offer publicly did for our attendees at Converting Corporates in April. ([15:21])
  • How we can think about pricing logically – and why that benefits our mindset and confidence around pricing. ([17:21])
  • Whether or not we can price something to ‘make it sellable’. ([18:17])
  • How we can sell at higher rates/ budgets to clients who don’t think that they have big budgets. ([21:05])
  • The difference in priorities for customers when purchasing a service. ([22:24])
  • Why undercharging often contributes to client resentment. ([24:14])
  • How our emotional attachment to the B2B sales process can make us feel sleazy about selling. ([26:01])
  • Why ‘vague’ doesn’t work in your lead generation process. ([27:04])
  • How transparent stakeholder relationships are key for B2B sales. ([28:37])
  • The common questions people have about cold email marketing. ([29:58])
  • How the Selling to Corporate process is simple but not easy – and the difference that makes for our attendees ([32:08])
  • Why you need to keep your sales process simple to make sure that it’s efficient and effective. ([36:08])


And if you want to attend our September Converting Corporates event and benefit from the early bird pricing, make sure you check out our Converting Corporates event page by clicking here or visiting: https://sellingtocorporate.com/converting-corporates-2022/ 


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