Aug 5, 2022

STC076 Could you triple your turnover and sign six figure deals like Andy? (Andy Storch Case Study episode)


It’s great to bring Andy Storch, one of my epic C Suite clients onto the show today to share his journey selling his services into corporate organisations. If you (like Andy) have had a history in the corporate world – or have been consistently selling to corporate clients over the years but have been wanting to exponentially increase your sales? Then this is the episode for you.

Andy has kindly come onto the podcast to share his journey inside The C Suite and why, as a seasoned professional, he decided to join (and rejoin!) the programme – and how he’s implemented it over the last six months to sign six figure deals and have his best business quarter ever!


In this episode, we’ll be discussing;


  • Andy’s area of specialism; retention and talent development with global technology companies. ([00:52])
  • Why corporate companies would want to teach their employees to own their careers. ([01:45])
  • The impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ on corporate companies. ([03:30])
  • How remote working has impacted corporate company culture. ([04:30])
  • Andy’s background working for a consulting firm and why he decided that he wanted further support with his own B2B sales strategy. ([06:47])
  • How Andy decided to write his book and create his own B2B sales strategy. ([07:28])
  • Andy’s background as a successful reseller and trainer for leadership development. ([08:03])
  • How Covid-19 changed the sales landscape – and what Andy got from being inside The C Suite when the world stopped. ([09:00])
  • How Covid-19 changed the way Andy built relationships with corporate stakeholders. ([10:06])
  • Why Andy decided it was integral to rejoin The C Suite to achieve his B2B sales goals. ([12:19])
  • How ego got in the way of Andy’s B2B sales success in 2019. ([12:53])
  • How Andy’s journey through surviving cancer led to him wanting even more business success. ([13:40])
  • How Andy’s wife was onboard with him rejoining The C Suite – and the importance of having productive conversations with your significant other. ([14:41])
  • The importance of going ‘all in’ on the right activities. ([14:51])
  • How important it is to learn from the specialist – and how that’s helped Andy skyrocket his results this year. ([15:21])
  • How important it is to recognise that setbacks don’t have to be permanent. ([16:36])
  • Andy’s first top tip to generate more B2B sales with corporate companies. ([18:02])
  • The importance of consistency when selling your services to corporate clients. ([18:21])
  • Being able to overcome imposter syndrome and achieve confidence in yourself. ([19:06])
  • How to become an expert in your industry quickly. ([19:31])
  • Overcoming the challenges of dialling down into one niche. ([20:02])
  • Why Andy initially resisted working with one industry/ niche – and how his results changed when he focused. ([20:31])
  • Whether or not you’re turning business away by specialising in one industry/ with one focus for corporate clients. ([21:21])
  • The insights you’re able to offer prospective corporate clients when you’re a specialist. ([21:35])
  • How to avoid being ‘friend-zoned’ by corporate clients. ([22:19])
  • How The C Suite helps you to troubleshoot your own B2B sales process – and why that’s so valuable. ([25:11])
  • How Andy has been raising his rates with the help of The C Suite . ([25:50])
  • How being in The C Suite has helped Andy to improve his work/ life balance by travelling less, charging more and enjoying his work. ([27:41])
  • The feedback Andy got at our Converting Corporates event to raise his speaking rates successfully. ([29:43])
  • What to do if you want to offer a discount to a corporate client/ organisation. ([30:27])
  • How Andy signed 12 corporate clients in Q2 2022. ([30:51])
  • How Andy closed his first six-figure corporate sale in Q2 2022. ([31:50])
  • The key difference that discipline made to Andy’s B2B sales process. ([32:29])
  • How personal touches make a difference to the B2B sales process. ([33:27])
  • Why overhauling Andy’s entire sales process was the best thing he could have done for his business in 2022. ([35:13])
  • Why Andy thinks it’s integral to go to the Converting Corporates events live in London. ([36:15])
  • How implementation and accountability changed Andy’s business for the better. ([37:19])
  • Why The C Suite and Converting Corporates have been the best investments Andy has made for his B2B sales process – and converting more corporate clients. ([40:54])
  • How quickly Andy made his investment in The C Suite back tenfold. ([43:07])
  • Andy’s top advice to people thinking about investing in The C Suite or Converting Corporates. ([44:15])


And more!

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