Aug 19, 2022

STC077 The industries that Converting Corporates will help most in Q4 2022


Have you thought about attending Converting Corporates but you’re just not sure whether it would benefit you? Perhaps you’re wondering what it’s really all about – and whether your specialism is a good fit for attending? Or maybe you’ve heard people raving about it but you just don’t know how it could support your business and growing your B2B sales…

That’s exactly why I’ve recorded this episode – so that you can understand more about our final ever Converting Corporates event – and whether or not it makes sense for you to attend!




In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • The key dates for Converting Corporates (20/21st September 2022) and our location. ([00:15])
  • What people have been asking; who Converting Corporates is really for and how can it help their B2B sales process? ([01:11])
  • Why it’s important to have a small event in September and add more 121 time. ([01:36])
  • Why most events are targeted at specific revenue levels – and why Converting Corporates isn’t. ([02:36])
  • The real purpose of Converting Corporates for entrepreneurs looking to sell / improve their B2B sales process. ([03:09])
  • Core actionable workshops that we’re hosting at Converting Corporates this year and how they’ll benefit your B2B sales process. ([04:07])
  • Why you must attend if you didn’t work in a sales role during the last recession. ([04:37])
  • The current recession timelines as given by the Bank of England and how your business can still thrive during recession. ([05:20])
  • How one of our participants used the Corporate Cash Injection campaign that I’m teaching at Converting Corporates to land a £44K deal. ([06:14])
  • Announcing our bonus B2B foundations workshop so that you can create sales and onboarding processes that support your business growth. ([06:59])
  • What you’ll actually walk away with from the Converting Corporates event. ([08:04])
  • Who is the right personality type to attend Converting Corporates this September? ([09:21])
  • The importance of a safe learning environment for practising your B2B sales skills. ([10:15])
  • Unknown / little known industries or specialisms that have done really well from attending previous Converting Corporates events. ([12:30])
  • How Health and Wellness professionals have benefited from attending Converting Corporates events. ([12:46])
  • How Converting Corporates has helped Health and Wellness professionals to raise their rates and sign longer term pieces of work with corporate clients. ([14:41])
  • Referring back to our Case Study episode with Kate Davies, Independent Fertility Nurse Consultant. ([15:31])
  • The specific sessions at Converting Corporates that will benefit Health and Wellness professionals who want to sell to corporate clients. ([17:39])
  • How Converting Corporates can support Mental Health practitioners to grow their B2B sales process and revenue. ([18:31])
  • Why mental health doesn’t fall under general health and wellness offers. ([18:51])
  • How Covid-19 impacted Mental Health practitioners and their sales. ([20:04])
  • Why awareness sessions caused more harm than good in companies during the pandemic. ([20:51])
  • Why it’s going to be integral to build a commercial business case for mental health support in the workplace. ([21:50])
  • How one of our previous Converting Corporates attendees used the event to skyrocket her B2B sales as a Mental Health practitioner. ([23:18])
  • Specific Converting Corporates sessions to benefit the B2B sales process of Mental Health practitioners. ([24:41])
  • How Project and Change Management professionals benefit from Converting Corporates. ([25:21])
  • How redundancies will impact Project and Change Management suppliers. ([25:51])
  • Specific Converting Corporates sessions to benefit Project and Change Management professionals. ([26:43])
  • Understanding the ‘traditional’ business areas that benefit from attending Converting Corporates events. ([28:04])
  • How the reduction of permanent resource can support revenue growth in traditional business areas if done correctly. ([28:41])
  • The difference between fixed cost and the budget that is available for external supply. ([29:23])
  • Why change is important to avoid working harder for less profit in 2023. ([30:14])
  • Specific Converting Corporates sessions that will benefit those working in traditional business areas. ([31:13])


And more!

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