Sep 30, 2022

STC080 Top 5 Reasons you must grab The C Suite Self Study now


Have you heard that we’ve just launched The C Suite as a self study version?! Well good news, because I’ve created a special episode where you’ll be able to understand exactly what you get inside The C Suite Self Study and how to make the right decision for you about purchasing!


In this episode, I’m sharing;


  • What it was like to run the final Converting Corporates event – and how I felt after! ([00:29])
  • Why it’s important to end initiatives on a ‘high’. ([01:02])
  • My favourite element of this year’s Converting Corporates event and what you can learn from it. ([02:10])
  • Some of our quick wins from the Converting Corporates event this September. ([02:48])
  • Why pricing has become so important for entrepreneurs selling to corporates this quarter. ([03:56])
  • How the recession is going to affect sales results this quarter (and why people have been worrying!) ([04:48])
  • The decision making factors when moving away from B2C revenue – or when adding a new revenue stream. ([07:55])
  • Why the ‘spray and pray’ B2C sales strategy is causing huge problems for salespeople. ([09:15])
  • The fears that my most successful clients have had when marketing/ selling B2C. ([10:15])
  • Why measurements and metrics are imperative in the upcoming landscape. ([11:52])
  • Why B2B sales aren’t considered ‘sexy’. ([12:48])
  • The types of activities you need to put into your activity pipeline if you want to generate results over the next 90 days. ([14:01])
  • The most common reasons that we avoid setting (and monitoring!) our KPIs/ metrics. ([15:11])
  • The most common fears of podcast listeners about the upcoming recessive period. ([16:01])
  • Why I decided to launch The C Suite as a self study option. ([17:01])
  • Why it’s so important to reach out if you have any questions. ([18:36])
  • Why The C Suite Self Study isn’t a ‘mini’ option. ([19:42])
  • The types of questions that come up when you’re trying to execute your B2B sales process. ([20:01])
  • When the sales process actually goes wrong vs when we think it does. ([22:21])
  • How each part of the process feeds into generating successful B2B sales. ([23:00])
  • What you really get inside The C Suite Self Study portal. ([25:01])
  • Why we don’t include hours of theory or worksheets… ([26:15])
  • How to use The C Suite Self Study portal properly to get your best results. ([27:01])
  • How the templates included set you up for success. ([27:45])
  • Why The C Suite  Self Study is perfect for anyone who is time-challenged. ([29:01])
  • How the 85% of live C Suiters that are parents, manage the workload. ([30:08])
  • Quick fire resources that help you to take immediate action. ([31:04])
  • Why The C Suite Self Study is a proven resource for entrepreneurs. ([31:59])
  • The top-secret bonus that I’m including with The C Suite Self Study. ([33:37])
  • The modules we include that are ‘Fast ROI’ modules. ([34:56])
  • Fast ROI modules for people who are newer to the B2B sales process vs Fast ROI modules for people who are already selling to corporate companies. ([35:40])
  • Why the impending panic is going to stall sales processes that aren’t best practice. ([36:56])
  • Why I feel uncomfortable about tooting my own horn. ([37:30])
  • Why the processes inside The C Suite Self Study can help any entrepreneur make money. ([40:15])
  • Why now is still a good time to sell to corporate organisations if you know what you’re doing. ([40:56])
  • The risk of doing nothing in the upcoming market. ([42:00])
  • The incredible results we saw just last week. ([42:48])
  • How you need to think about your Q4 pipeline now… to generate the results you want. ([43:15])
  • Frequently asked questions for The C Suite Self Study. ([44:40])
  • The importance of making strong sales decisions right now. ([46:10])

And more!

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