Oct 14, 2022

STC081 How to ensure your B2B sales process is set up for success


Have you ever wondered how a best practice B2B sales process actually works? Most people have been told about various elements of the B2B sales process… but we very rarely see it all broken down so that we can troubleshoot where our own sales process might be going awry (and understanding what we need to focus on to see the results that we actually want!)

I’m pulling back the curtain on today’s episode and showing you exactly what a best practice B2B sales process looks like – and how each element has an impact on your overall business success so that you can put the puzzle pieces together, analyse your own B2B sales process and start signing more deals with corporate companies.

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In this episode, I’ll be sharing;


  • How consumers are being hit by the recession – and why that means you need to have a clear focus on building a corporate revenue stream. ([01:03])
  • Why social media marketing is saturated… and how it’s contributing to a lack of revenue generation ([01:39])
  • A quick congratulations to those prioritising their growth and corporate revenue right now. ([02:14])
  • Why you should attend the BONUS The C Suite  Self Study Q&A calls. ([02:56])
  • The areas that people focus on that do not contribute to revenue growth when selling their services to corporate companies. ([04:36])
  • How entrepreneurs and corporate salespeople have the same fears around new markets. ([06:05])
  • Why you shouldn’t be applying the Selling to Corporate Framework in conjunction with any other B2B sales strategy. ([07:44])
  • The five key stages of the Selling to Corporate sales process ([09:29])
  • Why I’m not a fridge engineer but can apply logic to the strangest situations to create a result. ([11:29])
  • Why it’s integral to use my B2B sales framework in the correct way. ([13:36])
  • How this episode will support you to troubleshoot your gaps – and what you need to do once they’re identified! ([15:19])
  • What clarity is in the B2B sales process/ Selling to Corporate framework… and why it’s integral to your revenue growth. ([17:39])
  • Why we spend 90 days focusing on a clear strategy – and how it benefits our sales figures. ([19:02])
  • How your specialism will support you to generate more revenue with less work. ([21:58])
  • How effective lead generation will always beat a volume of low quality leads. ([22:48])
  • The lead generation metrics you need to be looking at to generate consistent revenue each month. ([25:02])
  • What best practice business development really looks like – and avoiding the friend zone with stakeholders. ([26:26])
  • Why pricing doesn’t factor into your ‘no’s’ as much as you think it does. ([27:06])
  • How most entrepreneurs waste time by sending speculative proposals (and why they’ll never close!) ([28:58])
  • Why some offers are immediately sellable… and others never sell. ([29:33])
  • How delivery can be your best sales tool in a B2B sales process. ([30:12])
  • Why it’s integral to manage company’s expectations for scopes of work during the B2B sales process. ([31:02])
  • What you need to do now that you’ve identified your gaps – how to move forward with your B2B sales process and sell more services to corporate clients. ([32:17])


And much more!


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Check out The C Suite Self Study by clicking here or visiting: https://bit.ly/CSuiteSelfStudy 


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