Mar 31, 2023

STC096: How to know if The C Suite Self Study would be perfect for your business!


Want to know how to sell your services to corporate companies? 


Perhaps you’re already selling to corporates – but you’re struggling with a specific aspect of the B2B sales process. You’d love to know how to get ‘unstuck’ – so you can book more sales calls, write better proposals and close more corporate deals. 


Maybe you’ve already heard about The C Suite Self Study – and are wondering if it’s right for you.  In this post (which you can also listen to as a podcast episode), I’ll share five compelling reasons to join The C Suite Self Study – including how it will save you time and how you can generate a return on investment – quick, 


1.The The C Suite Self Study  is not one of those ‘watch 20 hours of videos then complete a bunch of workbooks – kind of courses.  


 If you’re new to B2B sales, and want to start right at the beginning,  you can absolutely do that – starting with setting KPIs, how to choose the right industry, understanding stakeholder mapping, choosing your method of leaf generation and so on. But if you’re already selling B2B and struggling with sales – or a particular part of the process – you can dive right into the portal and grab the resources you need to troubleshoot where your existing processes may have gone awry. 


So if you’ve got a proposal to write and want a proven method to help get a fast close. Or you’ve sent a proposal but the stakeholder is ‘ghosting’ you (and you don’t know why)… you 

can head straight to the portal in The C Suite Self Study and grab the templates you need. 


2. You can focus on implementation (and avoid procrastination) 


Many coaches and consultants who use the The C Suite Self Study are parents – which means they’re often time challenged. For example, maternity returner expert Emma Watson (who I interviewed on my podcast) runs her consultancy business successfully, in just 20 hours a week. And when you’re time poor, you don’t want to focus on theory – you just want to take action (and know how to troubleshoot problems – fast). When an email lands in your inbox from a stakeholder – and you’re not sure how to respond – you’ll find the answer (and the customisable templates you need) to respond in the The C Suite Self Study


3. The C Suite Self Study gives you a proven B2B sales process 


Over the past five years more than 500 people have used the resources inside the The C Suite Self Study portal.  This year alone, clients collectively inside the C Suite live version have made more 2 million pounds. Which means you’re getting tried and tested processes, 

strategies and resources. 


4. You can generate ROI from The C Suite Self Study  – quick 


One of the things I recommend all the time to people who join The C Suite Self Study is to look at the modules that are going to help you recoup your investment as quickly as possible. 


If you’re new to the B2B sales process, the The C Suite Self Study includes cash injection, modules, word of mouth strategies (complete with campaign templates), along with email templates and questions that will help you to generate immediate revenue, immediate conversations and immediate sales calls – with stakeholders who are genuinely interested in what you do (without having to go through a full lead generation sequence).  


If you’re already selling to corporates, there are specific modules/resources to teach you how to regenerate, reactivate and resell to existing leads – along with cold outreach email campaigns. 


5. It’s a great time to sell to corporates (if you know how) 


In a recession, it’s common to see redundancies at big companies (and that’s definitely something we’re seeing playing out in 2023). I’d possibly recommend putting in a link to a Forbes stat or something here?  But many of those roles/functions are still needed – which means companies need external suppliers more than ever. And the money is still there to pay them – even if it comes from a different budget. Many people who’ve been made redundant will go freelance…but they’ll be competing with established contractors.


So the work is definitely there. But if you want to win business – and don’t want to get caught up in the competition) having a best practice sales process is crucial.


How to take action 

If you know it’s the time to get serious about your B2B sales process…join The C Suite Self Study today.


Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Join The C Suite Self Study now! If you’re looking to get the best support in selling your services to corporate organisations, not to mention email templates and proposal outlines so that you really can convert at much higher rates and sell your services more successfully then click here now.


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