Jul 7, 2023

STC103 How to avoid the noise and streamline your B2B sales activity


STC103 How to avoid the noise and streamline your B2B sales activity

Today, we are diving deep into the topic of avoiding the noise and finding clarity in your sales process but firstly Jess introduces us to special guest and Inclusion Consultant Anita Phagura.

Working with different companies within the construction industry Anita helps support them to build inclusive leadership competencies at senior levels, and middle management within the organisation, particularly looking at addressing gender, and ethnicity, pay gaps and challenges around staff retention in those areas.


– Companies are realising the importance of diversity and inclusion: Timestamp: [02:46]

– Burnout can have a significant impact on business success: Timestamp: [11:22]

– The construction industry is working towards diversity and inclusion, but challenges remain: Timestamp: [23:58]


In this episode we are exploring the evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion in businesses. While some companies are still at a surface level of understanding, others have become leaders in implementing change. Advocates for diversity and inclusion are demanding genuine transformation both at grassroots and senior levels.


We also examine how burnout can impact sales professionals. Anita kindly shares her personal experience with burnout and the lessons she learned along the way. From the importance of consistency to prioritising health, she provides valuable insights for finding success in the ever-changing sales environment.


Join us as we uncover strategies for avoiding the noise and streamlining your B2B sales activity in this episode of Selling to Corporate . Stay tuned for actionable tips and expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of today’s sales landscape. Let’s dive in!


In this episode I’m sharing;


Having a clear process eliminates guesswork. Knowing what needs to be done is valuable. Templates and structure reduce overthinking. Process allows tailoring while maintaining structure [00:33:13]

The pressure on senior diverse individuals to improve diversity; daily aggressions; lack of emotional support; progress still needed in industry [00:13:11]

Industry evolving, employees demanding genuine change [00:03:38]

Different ways of showing up online [00:28:22]


Key Quotes:


The Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace: “The pressure can be on them to change things and make it better for other people who have diversity or similar demographics. And that’s on top of the daily microaggressions that you’re facing, or what we call microaggressions, but are actually aggressions on top of navigating, a toxic environment on top of navigating.”

— Anita Phagura [00:13:39][00:14:03]


The Importance of Consistency: “And then working with The C Suite was that thing that I finally had a process. I’ve never had a process probably in my life, and I finally had a process that I could follow. And at first I wasn’t massively consistent, but I was doing it. It just quite wasn’t on the timescales. And then when I joined The C Suite Jess was  there to hold me accountable, helping me tweak what I needed to tweak. She was there to call me out when I wasn’t being consistent.”

— Anita Phagura [00:22:02][00:22:34]


The Importance of Having a Clear Process: “So again, having that process means I know what I need to do, takes that guesswork away from it. I just really value having the process in the first place. Like just taking away that, just having to work it out right. It just takes away some of that overthinking.”

— Anita Phagura [00:35:16][00:35:28]

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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