Aug 4, 2023

STC105 How Laura is helping big companies have positive impacts on local communities


STC105 How Laura is helping big companies have positive impacts on local communities

In this episode we are joined by Laura Bryan, an award winning Nutritional Therapist, certified Master Mindset Coach and founder of Mind Nourishing who has successfully utilised a structured sales process to make a significant difference in her business and local communities.


Laura’s inspiring journey showcases her ability to secure bigger contracts, challenge traditional expectations, and collaborate with organisations that were initially considered to have no budget for her services. Using her sales process, Laura has been able to identify untapped opportunities and create positive changes in deprived communities highlighting that success is not just about the industry you sell to, but how effectively you leverage your sales techniques.


Nutrition education at work encourages healthy habits [00:08:28]

Lack of structure led to an ineffective approach [00:12:09]

Improved lead generation process transforms business success [00:16:49]

Transitioning from hobby to business owner, feeling confident in expertise, enjoying building relationships and having work come to them. Expanding into delivering social value through corporate organisations [00:21:17]

Passionate about helping deprived communities with wellbeing [00:26:13]

Success achieved through an effective sales process [00:29:38]

Investing in oneself and following a structured process leads to success and resilience in business [00:31:56]


With the proven success of her C-Suite journey, Laura has developed resilience by separating personal feelings from business interactions, making her business more sustainable and robust. The demand for consistent, ongoing wellness programs is on the rise, with businesses now investing in various areas, including nutrition.


Throughout the episode, Laura outlines the importance of a structured approach to business development, being persistent, and effectively following up to maximise opportunities. Her inspiring journey encourages listeners to be proactive in their business strategies and embrace possibilities for growth.


The episode also delves into the significant impact of mental health on organisations and how companies often limit their involvement to mental health first aid or medication referrals. Laura believes that empowering employees to take actions that improve their overall well-being can have a profound influence on their performance and contribute to a healthier workplace environment


In this episode I’m sharing;


– The importance of utilising a strong sales process

– Working with organisations assumed to have no budget

– Personal growth and development as a business owner

– Transformation through the C Suite program

– Shifting from random lead generation to a structured approach

– Finding top organisations and getting leads

– Feeling like a business owner rather than just having a hobby

– Enjoying meaningful business development calls


Key Quotes:


Scaling a Balancing Act: “But at the moment, I’m kind of then developing, like, a program that can be delivered that I don’t necessarily need to deliver myself. So I have now got that vision in terms of being able to scale. Whereas before, I just didn’t have any kind of idea how that would have been possible.”

— Laura Bryan [00:24:27][00:24:46]


The Power of Structure: “It just gave me the structure which I desperately needed. I was 100% a magpie chasing shiny things, and the kind of structure around The C Suite just gave me that focus of the core business things I needed to work on.”

— Laura Bryan [00:32:26][00:32:41]


The Importance of Clear Structure in Communication: “Having that clear structure takes less brain power because I used to create big fluffy emails to try and just be really friendly. And now it’s like, I can still be friendly, but not spend hours sending an email. So just get into the point and and making it as easy as possible for that stakeholder to just know what I’m asking, really.”

— Laura Bryan [00:19:48][00:20:10]

Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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