Aug 18, 2023

STC106 Do big companies want to work with small providers (and how to approach them!)


STC106 - Do big companies want to work with small providers (and how to approach them!)

Do big companies really want to work with us? And if so, how should we approach them?

Sharing strategies and techniques for successful engagement with potential clients, Jess empathises with those who feel anxious about reaching out to larger organisations but reassures us that change is possible and big companies are more open to working with small providers than you might think.

Pricing is also a major concern, just because you are targeting bigger organisations doesn’t mean that you should undervalue your work, it’s crucial to value what you bring to the table and confidently communicate the benefits of your services.

Don’t worry about approaching big companies [00:13:50]

Targeting bigger organisations is nerve-wracking, but beneficial [00:24:50]

Proven strategies to sell to big companies [00:35:16]

Stakeholders can control budgets without quantifying [00:18:52]

The success of selling to both big and small organisations depends on having a proactive and strategic lead generation process that targets qualified leads [00:32:42]

Providing you with guidance on how to evaluate the success of your efforts, today’s podcast episode covers lead generation processes and the importance of measuring key metrics to ensure you’re on the right track whilst also sharing the insecurities and misconceptions surrounding working with big businesses.

In this episode I’m sharing with you;

– Addressing common concerns about working with bigger organisations

– Emphasising that prices should not be lowered for bigger companies and encouraging listeners to value their work

– Promising to provide guidance on how to track and assess the success of efforts in approaching bigger organisations

– Measuring the success of a lead generation process

– Identifying when the sales process is broken based on closed opportunities

– Difficulties small providers face in working with big companies, particularly in industries organised by central government

Key Quotes: 

Approaching Bigger Organisations: “Oh, you’re a big brand, that’s nice, but my prices are still my prices.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:14:22][00:14:26]

Selling to Bigger Organisations: “Actually selling to bigger organisations in some ways can be a lot easier because of the specificity, because of the fact that they’ve got so many defined job roles and stakeholders who are responsible for very specific things.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:26:06][00:26:21]

Lead Generation Success: “The only way that we determine the success of your lead generation strategy is whether or not you are booking enough sales calls.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:28:37][00:28:45]

“Importance of Booking Five Sales Calls a Month”: “if you’re not booking a decent amount of sales calls a month, so if you’re booking less than five a month, well, you’re not going to make any money.”— Jess Lorimer [00:30:13][00:30:23]

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