Sep 15, 2023

STC108: Why you shouldn’t be creating offers before you have sales conversations


STC108 Why you shouldn't be creating offers before you have sales conversations!

Tackling the common misconception of creating offers before having sales conversations, Jess explains why this approach may not be the most efficient use of time and offers alternative strategies for selling to corporate organisations.


Creating offers without sales calls is risky. Offers are based on your perception and experiences, which may not align with client needs [00:09:44]

The fear that stakeholders will ask how you can help them without a mapped-out offer ([00:07:12]).

Spending time creating offers before sales calls is not the most efficient use of time ([00:08:35]).


Many of us feel the need to have our offers perfectly crafted before we even start reaching out to potential clients. We believe that knowing our offers in advance will make sales calls easier because we have a clear pitch. But the truth is, spending time creating offers upfront can actually hinder your progress and efficiency. Join us as we explore the three key reasons to rethink your corporate sales strategy for the final quarter of the year.


In this episode I’m sharing;


  • Reasons why September is a good time to sell to corporate organisations

  • Efficient use of time: Preparing elaborate offers can be time-consuming. Instead, focus on lead generation and having meaningful sales conversations.

  • How you’ll feel more prepared on sales calls by knowing your offers upfront.


Key Quotes;


The Importance of Selling Consultatively: “The best sellers, the people who are the most consistent in their sales achievements and revenue, and the people who are most consistently winning clients, winning bigger deals are the people who are selling consultatively.”



The Importance of Qualified Sales Calls: “And actually having qualified sales calls is one of the most important parts of creating sellable premium priced offerings because it’s on those sales calls that we learn the nuances and the language that we would use or that our client would most importantly use to help sell it in.”




Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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