Sep 29, 2023

STC109 How to go from ‘I’m not good at sales’ to enjoying calls and closing deals quickly


STC109 How to go from 'I'm not good at sales' to enjoying calls and closing deals quickly

We are thrilled to introduce you to a truly inspiring guest – Merrisha Gordon. As a seasoned leadership coach, consultant, and trainer, Merrisha shares her incredible journey of conquering her fear of sales and finding success in the world of business development.

Merrisha’s unique journey of stepping into the corporate space without a job title resonates with so many of us who have transitioned from traditional employment to selling business to business. The challenges experienced by professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the B to C world are highlighted, illustrating the need to adapt to new strategies.

Content doesn’t always build relationships; focus on delivery [00:13:23] 

Following process, scripts, proposals. Great sales results [00:25:56] 

Podcast gave structure, boosted confidence, improved efficiency [00:18:37] 

Unexpectedly left the NHS and became an accidental entrepreneur [00:03:40] 

Merrisha delves into the power of effective follow-ups and the value in creating organic sales conversations debunking the misconception that sales has to be pushy or demanding.

Moreover, Merrisha’s ability to shape her work around her life is truly inspiring. Balancing her coaching and training with dedicating time for herself and her family serves as a reminder of the importance of finding a harmonious work-life integration.

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • Overcoming Challenges in Business Development
  • Mindset challenges regarding approach to social media
  • Content Creation and Building Relationships
  • Challenges faced by experienced professionals in the B to C world

Key Quotes;

Improving Sales Conversations: “But also through one phase of work I’ve been able to identify a problem and then to say, actually, this is what’s coming out. I’ve got this solution and have a really comfortable conversation about it, which is a sales conversation, but isn’t a sales conversation. It just flows.”— Merrisha Gordon [00:26:31][00:26:50]

Work-life balance: “So it’s really interesting because I said to somebody recently, I feel like I’ve got the life that I dreamt of that I never saw possible.”— Merrisha Gordon [00:30:20][00:30:29]

Overcoming Fear of Social Media in the Corporate Space: “And so there was a lot of mindset, stuff that I really had to overcome… because these people actually really know me. Like they’ve really worked with me.”

— Merrisha Gordon [00:12:15][00:12:22]

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