Nov 24, 2023

STC113: Tricky to change? Three major differences selling B2B vs B2C


STC113 Tricky to change? Three major differences selling B2B vs B2C

In our latest episode, titled “Tricky to change? Three major differences selling B2B vs B2C,” we unravel the unique challenges and strategies involved in selling to businesses versus selling to consumers. Brace yourself for a deep dive into the fundamentals of B2B and B2C selling, as Jess sheds light on the divergent approaches, time investments, and control factors.


Jess also tackles common misconceptions about selling to corporate clients, the impact and reach of B2B sales, and the changing corporate landscape in the wake of the pandemic. She shares valuable insights on how companies are adapting to meet the evolving demands of employees and the new generation entering the workforce.


‘Selling B2B vs B2C, the key to successful B2B selling lies in targeting the right decision makers and providing tailored solutions. It’s about quality over quantity!’


‘B2B Marketing, in B2B marketing, building relationships and making direct connections are crucial. Forget mass marketing to a broad audience – focus on targeted outreach to qualified leads.’


‘B2B vs B2C: The Major Differences, time, energy, and strategies differ in B2B and B2C selling. Learn how to navigate the world of corporate sales and unlock new opportunities.’



In this episode I’m sharing;


  • Navigating the key differences selling B2B vs B2C

  • Unlocking the secrets to selling successfully in the corporate world

  • Differentiating B2B and B2C strategies for success

  • Understanding the unique challenges of B2B vs B2C sales

  • B2B marketing focuses on targeting qualified leads and building direct connections

  • Offer focus limits sales and relationships and how they can lead to missed opportunities.



Key Quotes;


“Generating More Revenue from Corporate Clients in Q1 and Q2: It is going to be jam packed with actionable workshops that you can use to generate more revenue from corporate clients in Q1 and Q2.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:02:22][00:02:32]


B2B vs B2C Marketing: “The big difference between B2C marketing and B2B marketing is that, obviously, with B2C, we’re looking for volume. With B2B, we move over to what I call that pyramid model, and that is about targeting, identifying, and approaching qualified leads who are most likely to be interested and responsible for the area of specialism that we have, and who control the budget for it.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:17:19][00:17:44]


The Changing Landscape of Corporate Companies: “Companies are changing as a result of the environment around them, for example, the pandemic, and the issues that brought up with health, safety, workplace behaviour, culture, and more.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:34:49][00:34:59]


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