Dec 8, 2023

STC114 How to emotionally detach from your sales process (and get better results!)


STC114 How to emotionally detach from your sales process (and get better results!)

I’m really excited to bring Gemma Allies, one of my epic C Suite clients onto the show today, Gemma has kindly come onto the podcast to share her journey inside The C Suite and also why she decided to join the programme – and how she’s been able to implement it with companies in the retail sector to support them with ADHD awareness so that they can embed more inclusive ways of working and help their workforce become more productive.

Gemma is an expert in ADHD awareness and inclusive work practices in retail corporations and is sharing with us her personal journey of overcoming challenges and discrimination as a neurodivergent individual in the corporate world and how she was able to master emotional detachment for sales success.

This episode highlights the emotional challenges of the sales process and the strategies to detach oneself from rejections to achieve better results. Gemma gives us invaluable insight, and the critical need for ADHD awareness and inclusivity in corporate environments.


In this episode I’m sharing;


  • The impact of neurodiversity on individuals’ working lives and the challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

  • The importance of empathy and understanding in the sales process, as well as the potential for positive change in supporting neurodiverse individuals within corporate environments.

  • Overcoming outdated narratives around neurodiversity and the risks of neurodiversity being seen as a “woke agenda”

  • Overcoming Fear of Rejection and Becoming More Comfortable with the Sales Process


Key Quotes;

“The reason that we’re seeing so many more people become diagnosed and speak about it is because of education and awareness. It’s not because people want to suddenly have something”— Gemma Allies [00:08:34][00:08:45]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: “There’s very few organisations, I think that are really ahead of the game on this, and I think we will start to see, hopefully, more and more Begin to implement strategies to support neurodivergent talent” — Gemma Allies [00:14:16][00:14:31]



Key Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


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