Dec 22, 2023

STC115: How you can sell with integrity (and never feel awkward about sales again!)


STC115 How you can sell with integrity (and never feel awkward about sales again!)

In this episode we are joined by a very special guest, Jason Marc Campbell, international public speaker and the author of Selling with Love: Earn with Integrity and Expand your Impact.

Learn how to manage relationships, avoid manipulative tactics, and ultimately sell with love, unlocking the secrets to selling with integrity and never feeling awkward about sales again!

We are also discussing the different dynamics of B2B and B2C sales, the value of setting boundaries and filters for unqualified leads, and the management of energy and relationships in sales. They shed light on the influence of referrals, follow-ups, and proactive relationship-building in sales, and emphasise the need to counteract societal programming and operate with integrity in sales.


In this episode I’m sharing;


  • The realistic sales expectations, emphasising the importance of offering value, aligning with personal values, and promoting ethical sales practices.

  • Relationship Building in Sales: Gain insights into the different dynamics of B2B and B2C sales, and how managing relationships with care and personalisation can make all the difference.

  • Avoiding Manipulative Tactics: Learn from real-life examples how reframing sales processes and aligning them with personal values can be a game-changer in building a successful and ethical sales approach.

  • Creating Value and Connection in B2B and B2C Selling.

  • Establishing Trust and Integrity in B2B and B2C Transactions

  • Balancing Technology and Personalisation in Ethical Selling


Key Quotes;


“Every conversation becomes an asset. It’s an extra node that can lead to a referral, to a connection as opposed to B2C where every lead is like, have we monetised on it? No.”

— Jason Marc Campbell [00:11:57][00:12:07]

The Ethics of Sales Strategies: “I am very much an advocate just finding ways to be more efficient as a salesperson so that you can go and serve more people more effectively, make a greater impact as a return. But, again, you have to understand, where do I draw the line?”

— Jason Marc Campbell [00:19:28][00:19:41]

Selling with Love: “When you know what you offer is so much more than what you ask in return.”

— Jason Marc Campbell [00:16:30][00:16:34]

Overcoming Sales Insecurities: “You know what’s very interesting is that we have some insecurities to go and do sales. Every time, people think about the biggest fears they have, public speaking usually ends up being one of the top fears. Not too far from public speaking, sales is really, really close.”

— Jason Marc Campbell [00:06:30][00:06:36]


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