Jan 12, 2024

STC116 Four elements to consider to smash your B2B sales goals this year


STC116 Four elements to consider to smash your B2B sales goals this year

Happy 2024, my fellow B2B sales enthusiasts!

It’s a new year, and I’m feeling the sales energy shift! This year, let’s move past the hangover from the pandemic and refocus to make 2024 your best sales year yet!

It’s time to get ready to conquer your B2B sales goals and consider using these four essential elements to smash your sales targets and power up your B2B revenue stream.

This year the focus is on dedicating specific time for B2B sales activities, being clear and intentional with your plan, concentrating on one method of lead generation and avoiding premature outsourcing.

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • How to dedicate specific time for B2B sales activities in your calendar. This includes generating leads, setting up sales calls, and writing proposals. Doing this work now will impact your sales in 90 days.

  • Be clear and intentional about your plan for 2024. Define your main business, revenue, learning and development, visibility, and personal goals. Regularly assess and align your actions with these priorities.

  • When considering outsourcing sales activities, ensure you have a good understanding of your B2B sales process before hiring salespeople. This understanding will help you set metrics, understand commonalities, and train salespeople to sell your services effectively.

Key Quotes;


Setting Clear Goals: “I sit down at, like, once a month, and I look at, what am I doing and how is that helping me progress my goals? And that really helps my squirrel brain to process things and be like, oh, I’m doing all this stuff and spending a load of hours on building out this great slide deck or whatever, but it’s not helping me meet one of my main priority goals. So should I be doing that?”

— Jess Lorimer [00:14:21][00:14:46]

Hiring Salespeople: “But what you should do is have a good understanding of your B to B sales process before you start hiring salespeople, and there’s a reason for that.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:20:01][00:20:11]

Outsourcing Pitfalls: “Don’t be tempted to hit 2024 hard and assume that that just happens by outsourcing because it doesn’t, and it can really be an expensive and painful mistake.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:22:18][00:22:30]

B2B Sales Strategy: “What is gonna build your B to B revenue stream is taking a couple of hours a week to really focus on B to B time specific sales activities.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:08:52][00:09:03]



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