Feb 23, 2024

STC119: How my clients get paid 3K + for 45 minute workshops


STC119 How my clients get paid 3K + for 45 minute workshops

Are you ready to unlock the secret to securing lucrative deals for your workshops? In the latest episode of Selling to Corporate , “How my clients get paid 3K + for 45-minute workshops”, our fearless host Jess Lorimer sits down to unveil the remarkable journey of Hannah, who conquered the corporate landscape and started charging £3000 for just 45 minutes of her expertise.

Dive into Hannah’s story – a tale of transition from a travel-heavy career to mastering the craft of selling to corporate . Find out how, with absolutely no previous experience, Hannah managed to navigate corporate sales calls like a pro using top-notch objection handling techniques and transparent discussions about return on investment and was able to charge 3K + for 45-minute workshops! We break down the three key factors that catapulted Hannah to success. From her effective cold outreach strategy to an unwavering commitment to providing clear commercial value, tune in and you’ll get all the insights needed to replicate her success.

Jess also extends an exclusive invitation to join her at the March “Converting Corporates” event in Central London. With a spotlight on honing your budget conversations, outreach strategies, and offer creation, this event is a goldmine for anyone looking to break into or improve their position in the corporate market.

In this episode I’m sharing;

  • The significance of having a mentor with proven results and why you should choose qualified, resonating sales experts for success.

  • Prioritising sales over perfecting corporate offers.

  • Sales calls should focus on transparency, not persuasion.

  • The use of objection handling techniques to navigate budget discussions

  • addressing budget objections, increasing confidence, and improving sales.

  • How to achieve sales success through process improvement and training.

  • Submitting a proposal that highlights the discussed transformations and securing a positive ongoing working relationship after acceptance of the proposal.

  • The power of asking purposeful questions during sales calls, listening and identifying your client needs rather than delivering a pitch.

  • Trust in Your Sales Process: Embrace a 5-step process for consistency in winning corporate clients and understand why specificity in your offers can make or break your success.


Key Quotes;

​​Post-Pandemic Business Philosophy: “I would rather have loads of competitors in the market because like I say to my clients all the time about selling to corporate companies, the more competitors you have, the easier it is to stand out for being good.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:06:43][00:08:08]

Corporate Sales Strategy Advice: “Lots of people are now moving to teach other people how to sell to corporate companies, which I think is great because I think you should absolutely buy from who you resonate with and people who’ve got proven results and all of that good stuff. And as I’ve said over the last, I don’t know, 5 years of this podcast, I don’t care if that’s me or if that’s somebody else. What I care about is that you buy from somebody who can actually get your results and that you resonate with and that you know you’re going to take the advice and actually implement it from and also that you buy from somebody who knows what they’re talking about.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:08:55][00:09:31]

Overcoming Self-Doubt in Sales: “It’s really sad, you know, because, unfortunately, sometimes people have the best of intentions and they really want to help people sell to corporate companies, but they just don’t have the skills, strategies, and training ability to help people in more niche areas or in areas that they don’t understand.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:12:47][00:13:09]

Corporate Sales Strategy: “And I frequently say that you don’t and shouldn’t really focus on having a corporate offer before you start your sales process.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:34:52][00:35:04]

Transparency in Sales: “When we look at sales calls and how sales calls work with corporate stakeholders, we come into this world where we have to operate with transparency. I think that’s really interesting because what most people think sales is, particularly from a B2B perspective, is this art of persuasion. How do we convince somebody to buy our service, or how do we convince somebody that they need what we are offering? Or worse, how do we sell without being salesy? When we start talking about things like persuasion, convincing, how to sell without being salesy, What we’re actually doing is saying, how can we remove transparency?”

— Jess Lorimer [00:36:40][00:37:37]

Converting Corporates Event: “To those of you who haven’t been, I would urge you to come to Converting Corporates because this is the first time live that I will be teaching how to create an offer that converts to corporates even if you haven’t sold to corporate companies before.”

— Jess Lorimer [00:02:57][00:03:12]

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